2016-2017 homeschool plans
homeschooling / self-directed learning

2016-2017 homeschool plans

October is an atypical month to discuss homeschool planning. Typical is at the end of April, when the end of a year is near completion, and a homeschool conference is around the corner. Or at the beginning of August when the start of the next year is just around the corner. But October? Aren’t we … Continue reading

homeschool planning / self-directed learning

structuring a thirteen year old’s academic education

Who is my thirteen year old? She’s a funny one. In a sassy, irreverent, sometimes offending kind of way. Thanks for the treats, she says to me. So good to move to a different town so you can bribe me with food to make me feel better. She knows me well. She is a quote collector. … Continue reading