a Key Note: a musical education

As I sip this non-fat decaf cappuccino (also known as flavoured water) and attempt eating just HALF of this delectable haystack, I relish in listening to the ukulele sextet playing outside my coffee shop booth. Possibly there is nothing more reminiscent of palm trees and margaritas, hammocks and luaus, than a ukulele strumming Aloha ‘Oe. Yup, right … Continue reading


taking the show on the road–music training

  cont’d …In that moment of spontaneity, the miniature bluegrass band attempting harmony, and rhythm….and even the same key…I knew we had to take the show on the road. These kids could be stars. They could dominate the stage. Move over Taylor Swift, my kids have come to town! Okay, no, I didn’t think that. … Continue reading

family life

a family hoe-down

My kids show musical interest. Musical interest, not concertos by three, not cuddled in their rooms strumming strings every spare minute, but interest enough to practice without prompting, planning plays with musical numbers and perusing YouTube for the latest Taylor Swift hits. They enjoy music. They started with violin. Why violin? Because I said, what do … Continue reading