How to Create a Homeschool Diet
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How to Create a Homeschool Diet

Everyone eats differently.

I know every homeschooler doesn’t eat identically JUST because they are homeschoolers.

Most homeschoolers have a goal to equip their children’s brains so they can learn and build those neural networks.

Does our typical modern American diet provide that? (M.A.D…modern American diet).

19 tips to help your homeschool kids eat better, and you too!

If you’re in Canada, you can dial 8-1-1 to talk to a Registered Dietician. For free!

(If only I could call them to try and convince my child to eat his fish.) Continue reading

homeschool mama self-care: eating well
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homeschool mama self-care: eating well

I didn’t begin this year attempting to self-love by taking my nutrition more seriously — I slipped into this veganish lifestyle purely by accident, a God-ordained accident (maybe intervention). Ten pounds smaller in one month and I almost can’t believe it. Have I really lost ten pounds? I had no intention to lose weight at all, or … Continue reading