daily life

the upside, written on a day I experienced the downside

All’s I got to say about today is, to quote a great musical: “We got trouble in River City…” Might be me, might be them, (okay, I’ll own it) definitely both. Parenting does that for you, reveals the whole scary mess. Turns the nasty insides out and twists them around until you don’t look like yourself. … Continue reading

mommy humour

You know you’re a Mom of many kids when…

1.  You know how to wield a fussing toddler and video camera while videotaping three older children dancing.  2.  You can manage one large shopping cart with the toddler while three mini-shopping carts follow you in the grocery store.  3.  You can cook a meal, talk on the phone, direct the kids in household chores … Continue reading