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the gondolier

The twenty year veteran Gondolier whistled, I just called to say I love you, as we floated down the Sansiere san Polo. This boat really is romantic, travelling between the water corridors around the Grand Canal tipping to the hard right when floating under the bridges at high tide. Venice is not a tiny island; … Continue reading

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murano, burano, turcello

I’ve brought a wool blanket and stuffed it into my backpack for the boat tour to the Murano, Turcello, and Burrano Islands. We pull our soaked sock feet tied in plastic bags and cover ourselves with the blanket, enjoying the view. When we arrive at Murrano, we are shuttled into a showroom, where the glassmakers … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

which is the best italian hill town? and what makes us unique…

Siena It was tricky to find this fortified hill town…but we knew it was securing the valley, so we drove higher and higher until we couldn’t find parking, then we knew we must have arrived. Siena boasts the oldest bank in the world, and its original owners, the Spannocchia family, continue to own and farm … Continue reading