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travel with kids: planes, restaurants & automobiles

“A ship in harbor is safe. But is that what it was meant for?” Travelling certainly has its risks, but the scales weigh heavier on the ‘just go’ side because new experiences educate our senses and our understanding of others and the world. What do the kids think of this travelling thing? My nine year old … Continue reading

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e’stato un piacere–arrivederci Italia

Second day of travelling… Three hours, waiting, in an airport. Reminds me of our return trip from Nairobi last spring. Arriving at Heathrow Airport, after nine hours on the plane, three days stopover in Paris, a Eurostar two hour train trip to London, we hoped for a smooth transition. We didn’t get it. We walked … Continue reading

travelling / where we go

the jewish ghetto of venice

No one wanted to plan for pesce…the Adriatic sea offerings. But when in Rome… The cuttle fish ink pasta wasn’t in any of our repertoires. The antipasto plate was perfetto: sardines, escargot, octopus, oysters, something resembling an oversized shrimp that covered the length of my plate, calamari (not breaded), and octopus, of course. There was … Continue reading

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the merchants of venice: us!

Venice, we are no longer “Under the Tuscan Sun”. You pour down pleasures of aquatic plentitude upon us. We are now Under the Venetian Rainclouds. This side of Italy is expensive. Where Firense’s gelato was twice Rome’s price, Vennezia requires water taxis everywhere, ten times more than a New York taxi. They say there is … Continue reading

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not Under the Tuscan Sun

Not Under the Tuscan Sun any more…that thunderstorm last night sounded like it might take our nine year old casa down the mountain. But the final quiet day preceding it in Toscana brought us to an art showing (a group from United States were touring France and Italy), took us on another hike around the … Continue reading

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fanciful field trip in Firenze (Florence)

One thing we do get for free in Tuscany, is the famed natural aesthetics. This place is gorgeous. Florence has its own medieval perfection.   Is that the sewer, mom? No, honey, that’s the river. Kind of reminds me of the Thames River in London. Mud, with water. Caffe latte, but with pretty arched bridges … Continue reading