The Art of Talking with our Homeschool Children with Rebecca Rolland

As a speech pathologist, writer, and Harvard lecturer, Rebecca Rolland is passionate about the power of language and conversation to enhance our relationships.

In her latest book, The Art of Talking with Children, she’ll show you how to enrich your interactions with your kids and build the skills kids need to thrive. She talks about meaningful conversations as a “double promise.” They build your bond with kids, and they help kids become kinder, confident, and more creative.

So, let’s chat with Rebecca Rolland, author of The Art of Talking with our Homeschool Children: The Simple Keys to Nurturing Kindness, Creativity & Confidence in Kids.

Dr. Rolland’s tools for communication will help you learn to:

  • Engage in more “rich talk”—a methodology for a quality conversation.
  • Promote your child’s empathy, curiosity, and ability to embrace challenges;
  • Make you feel more effective and confident as a parent.

the art of talking with our homeschool children with Rebecca Rolland

Science has shown that the best way to help our kids become independent, kind, and happy is by talking with them. And yet we often find ourselves distracted, exhausted, or at a loss as to how to have meaningful conversations.

Rebecca Rolland, Author of The Art of Talking with Children

In this episode, Rebecca & I discuss:

  • The three pillars of Rick Talk.
  • Create space to discuss our daily activities and unique worlds with our kids.
  • Discuss with our kids as people, not just as kids.
  • Practice reflective listening with your kids.
  • How we need to accept that we aren’t able to perfectly parent.
  • That we aren’t in control of our parenting-child relationship.

Finally, Rebecca encourages homeschool parents:

  • To pause before you respond to your children when you see them approach conversations differently.
  • Sometimes kids need time before you jump into big conversations after challenging times with your kids.
  • Recognize what our child needs in conversation right now.
  • Allow your child to be the expert and to teach you too.
  • Allow your child to experience challenge, not rescue them from their challenges.

the art of talking with our homeschool children with Rebecca Rolland

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