How to Get Quiet Time (& Creative Space) for the Homeschool Mama with Rachel Le

Rachel Le is a mom to three kids: an eight year old daughter and two sons who are 3.5 and 5.5 (but physically and developmentally are almost twins).

Rachel has homeschooled them since birth. Rachel has a dream to change what education looks, feels, and sounds like.

Rachel would like every child to have a voice in their education.

Unschooling Mama with Rachel Le

Take care of you first. Put you on the schedule first. Then everything else, it’s still there, it will still be there, you’re not getting rid of those things, but you will have the energy and the presence of mind to take care of those other things as they come when they come.

Rachel Le

Advice for New Homeschool Mamas

  • Get up before the kids.
  • Do things with the kids when you need quiet, like turning on a minute of music or sitting with a journal.
  • Tell them when I need quiet, even if it’s just one minute.
  • Ask “how I can” instead of “I can’t” to satisfy your self-care needs.

Rachel & I discussed…

  • If you don’t just try it, if you don’t go out and do something, if you don’t make time for something, even if you have no idea what your dreams are, if you spend just a little time every week thinking about what I would do, if I could do anything if there weren’t any rules in this world, what would I do?
  • Don’t compare your homeschool journey with someone else’s homeschool journey.
  • Don’t compare your own homeschool journey with even what you want yours to be.
  • Don’t focus on the gap; focus on all the great things that are happening.
  • Put your blinders on. Focus on where you’re going, not the space between where you are and where you want to be.

You can find Rachel Le at the Unschool Canada Facebook thread.

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