A Homeschool Mom Giveaway to Be Inspired & Nurtured

“There is no one way to be a perfect mother–and a million ways to be a good one.”–Jill Churchill

Someone shared this quote in a women’s group very early in my parenting years. And I’ve kept it on my fridge ever since. 

Who knew this parenting thing wouldn’t be a cinch?

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Turns out the same can be said about homeschooling too: There is not one way to be a perfect homeschool mom–and a million ways to be a good one.

I read a lot of parenting books before I had my first baby, so I was set. (You’re giggling, as you should be).

When I overheard my two teenage daughters recently speaking about how they will parent someday, I didn’t interject. (I stayed in the room to listen, of course, but I didn’t say a thing.) 

When one of them suggested that they knew what mom was thinking about their conversation, “Just wait till you actually have a kid or four,” then I decided to speak for myself. 

“Yup,” was all I said. (Cause obviously that’d be true: what you think you’re going to do as a parent and what you actually do as a parent are two very different things.)

Before I was a parent, I was going to be the perfect parent. You’re welcome, world! (Insert rolling your eyes emoji here).

And now when my kids speak about my “parenting” book, I interject heartily, “No, that is not a parenting book, that’s a mothering book. I don’t want to dish parenting advice to others. I’d rather encourage moms to show up on purpose in their lives (which is indirectly parenting, of course, but less a to-do manual and more a to-be guidebook).

What I have learned about parenting over the years is this: It is a whole lotta work! 
  • Requiring us to be the energizer bunny, 
  • doing repetitively boring activities, 
  • engaging in energy-sapping scenarios (complaining, arguing, bickering, etc),
  • recognizing that our triggers to those things are internal work we have to do to be at peace and be a more effective parent,
  • And you fill in the blank. (I’m sure you can add a few).
But parenting is absolutely one of the most meaningful things I have EVER DONE in my ENTIRE LIFE. (No hyperbole with that all-caps).

I am grateful to each of my beauties for all the stories (so many stories), the memories, the growth, and then have a reason to truly show up on purpose in my homeschool & life. 

I hope you can see how every moment and every challenge is worth it all. 




homeschool mom giveaway

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