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Teresa Wiedrick, writer and homeschool life coach at Capturing the Charmed Life & Homeschool Mama Self-Care

For many years Teresa Wiedrick sipped non-fat cappuccinos in cafes in her Kootenay Mountain hometown while waiting for one of her four kids to finish dance, choir, soccer, curling, or music lessons.

Oh, and she wrote.

After releasing her book, Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer, Teresa Wiedrick started a podcast and offered life & homeschool coaching to homeschool moms.

Teresa loves supporting homeschool moms toward their growth goals so they can become more confident, competent, and happier homeschool moms.

When she’s not coaching, she writes workbooks and courses designed for the homeschool mama, on topics like overcoming overwhelm, bolstering boundaries & relationships, addressing big emotions and self-compassion, deschooling and leaning into child-inspired learning, and virtual retreats.

Teresa Wiedrick helps homeschool moms shed what’s not working so they can stop pushing through and instead meet their needs, build confidence, manage stress, set realistic expectations, and create a supportive community.

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

For nearly two decades from mid-September to late April, Teresa and her kids leaned into a child-inspired homeschool.

She spent much of her days offering writing feedback, practicing French sentences and Latin verbs, and reading about plate tectonics to ancient civilizations.

Who really got the best education? Likely her.

Teresa Wiedrick's homeschool kids

By February, Teresa Wiedrick usually wanted to fly to a tropical location to avoid slump month. And by April’s end, she decided to unschool for summer.

During that unschool season, Teresa Wiedrick and her kids spent more time outside.

They trained a Great Pyrenees puppy, Violet. Baked bread, grew a veggie, perennial, and tea garden, fertilized the fruit orchard, and kept a ready supply of plum jam and homemade meals. Teresa and her family sell a few dozen eggs a week, thanks to the Cluckingham Palace ladies, and happy Henry the 8th.

Together, Jim & Teresa Wiedrick homeschooled their four children. Their oldest three have graduated and their youngest is now an only child at home.

They have lived more adventures than the years they’ve lived in one place.

Homeschooling has provided them plenty of time for building stories, building families, and living day-to-day memories with their favourite four.

Since they spent years traveling half their days, working short-term stints in other towns around their home province of British Columbia, as well as into Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.

They traveled to Europe, the United States, and Africa twice too. Their adventures are found here.

So, when Teresa is not playing Uber-mama, she’s building a homestead.

It’s a way of life, a work of creative art. They found the land, designed the house, designed the landscape, planned the homestead, and even turned it into a bed & breakfast.

Teresa Wiedrick plays the role of Uber mama, and drives her crew to dance classes, choir, curling, youth groups, soccer practice, playdates, and part-time jobs…

However, if she’s indoors, she’s likely writing, either homeschool books, journaling workbooks, seminars, or courses, or coaching homeschool moms virtually.

Teresa aspires to ‘fill my paper with the breathing of my heart (thank you, William Wordsworth).

Or I may be reading. Homeschool mama=professional reader, right?

Stop pushing through and instead meet your needs, build confidence, manage stress, set realistic expectations, and create a supportive community.

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

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