Here to encourage you, homeschool mama, to do this homeschool thing and to nurture the nurturer too.

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I am here to encourage you & walk alongside you in your homeschool journey. My goal: to help you gain clarity, confidence & vision in your homeschool & enable you to nurture the nurturer.

Get to the heart of the issues surrounding your less-than-thriving experience with homeschooling and offer helpful tips and strategies that will take you beyond mere survival.

I sip non-fat cappuccinos in cafes in my Kootenay Mountain hometown, while waiting for one of my four children to finish their dance, choir, soccer, curling, or music lessons. Oh, and I write.

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You don’t have to do it alone. Here we’ll talk with other homeschool mamas that you need to know so you can build self-care strategies into your real homeschool world.

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Kind Words

“Oh my goodness, I actually just listened to your seminar session twice…once to take a few notes and once just to close my eyes and listen. I can’t wait for your podcasts to start!”

“When I was offered a review copy of Teresa Wiedrick’s book I jumped at it. First, the author is HILARIOUS! She covers so much from looking into the “Whys” of homeschooling, managing our many diverse emotions, and caring for our body, minds, but also to be mindful of things we might otherwise not notice.”

“Teresa is engaging, honest, and to the point. She comes across as genuinely wanting to connect with her listeners. I look forward to hearing the next episode!”

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You brought these kids into the world. You take care of them more than anyone on earth.

Now it’s time to take care of you!

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