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What are these free homeschool mama resources that might useful to you?

Take what you need, leave the rest.

These free homeschool mama resources are designed to help you show up on purpose in your homeschool (& your life).

Everything from finding your quiet in your homeschool day, encouraging nutrition in your home (& for you), checklists to address your big emotions in your challenging homeschool days, plugging in the most useful earbud companions (podcasts) during those boring moments of laundry and dishes, to living your life on purpose.

My goal is to help you feel clear, confident & visionary in your homeschool (& your life).

May these free homeschool resources be useful for you!

free homeschool mama resources for you to enjoy!

If you need a homeschool retreat, you can have a Homeschool Mama Mini-Retreat just for you!

Oh, I’m so excited to offer this to you, a free homeschool mama resource that you need. We all need a little clarity on how we show up in our homeschools & our lives, so in the retreat, you’ll take a breather and get perspective on your biggest homeschool (& life) challenges.

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Not-a-free homeschool mama resource: the book of encouragement, Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer