Hear what mamas are saying about the Homeschool Life Coach…

What homeschool moms are saying about the Homeschool Life Coach

What are homeschool moms saying about Teresa Wiedrick, the Homeschool Life Coach?

You want to become a more confident, competent, and happier homeschool mom. Your goal? To shed what’s not working, so you can enjoy your homeschool mom life more and show up intentionally, confidently & authentically.

Here’s what homeschool mamas are saying about the Homeschool Life Coach…

“Teresa helped me see the roots behind the surface-level issues. The coaching program was the impetus to help me think more deeply about my homeschool and relational ‘whys’ to get to a place to see where change needed to be made. Teresa’s kindness and compassion gave me a safe place to speak my heart — her responses helped me feel empowered for this next chapter in our homeschool journey and the evolving chapter of the relationships with our teen and young adult children.

I now have infinitely better boundaries with our teenage daughter and no longer feel like our relationship hangs by a thin thread. I feel much more motivated in my homeschool days and have made some major shifts that have restored the joy in our homeschool. I’m also learning to lean into the new season with older children and embrace the joy found in the present, rather than pining for the past.” — Homeschool Mama of 4

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

Homeschool Life Coaching offers valuable wisdom, fostering healing through attentive listening and guiding self-discovery…

“Teresa, you are a treasure trove of wisdom and good ideas and incredibly generous in your sharing. The healing that takes place in being heard is immense. Talking with you started to help me get centered in myself so that I could understand some of the programs that run in the background and make me who I am, and see the anxieties that were getting in the way of me being fully present and open to what my daughter needs at this time, gave me the conviction that taking care of myself is the first most important step of caring for my people/in homeschooling.” — Homeschool Mom of 2

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Homeschool Life Coaching offers rejuvenating suggestions, candid insights, and a soothing presence…

“I feel like you know me. You offered helpful suggestions to rejuvenate and equip any homeschool mom in whatever stage she might find herself in. I enjoyed our candor and your laughter, your caring, and your insights. You have allowed the experiences that have challenged you to be the catalyst to helping others. This retreat is for anyone who has lost sight of themselves while living a busy life and wants to refocus on what’s truly important. I hope all your retreats bear fruit in deflated women like me, changing their defeat into delight once again, or for the first time. At our first session, I told you that I was looking for hope and the tools unpacked in this retreat have given me hope! –Sheryl, Homeschool Mama of 4

Homeschool Life Coaching catalyzes personal growth and rediscovery of purpose…

“I needed to figure out how to meet my son’s needs in our homeschool (more child-led learning) and how to incorporate service back into my life. Coaching was helpful in ways I wasn’t expecting. I feel more confident in what homeschooling looks like (and doesn’t look like) within my home. It will always be evolving, but I feel more at peace. I am a better detective with my kids to see what they value and care about. I see how my relationship with myself impacts my relationship with my daughter in particular.

There were goals I didn’t know I had! And they were more important. I feel seen and heard by you but also pushed. Well, not pushed. I feel like you were a mirror that wouldn’t move. Your persistence with tough “but why” questions. Keep on going. What you’re doing is irreplaceable. Thanks Teresa! I am still thinking about our time.

What a gift you have developed! You gave all you had during that time. I didn’t know what to expect in a free consultation, but you knocked it out of the park.”–Whitney, Homeschool Mom of 4

“Thank you Teresa! I absolutely love the group of women you have attracted into your workshops and the Confident Homeschool Mom Collective. It has definitely been a game changer for me. Women supporting women from all different backgrounds, from all around the world – it really is a beautiful thing. I don’t feel lonely doing this homeschool mom thing. We live rurally and it can make it extra difficult to tap into a homeschooling community. To know I have help and support in my pocket, anytime I can post in the group and have you or another member’s support, means the absolute world to me… Looking forward to sharing this journey with this wonderful group.”

–Michelle, Homeschool mom of 2 kids
Teresa Wiedrick, Certified Life Coach & Homeschool Mentor

Addressing homeschool mama’s big emotions, building relationships & clarifying her sense of self…

What Britt thinks about Homeschool Mama Coaching

“I knew I had boundary issues, I just wasn’t clear on when, why, or how that began, and Teresa held space to help me explore that. She listens deeply and asks the most poignant, reflective questions. Teresa is a gifted space holder and unique in a way I’ve only experienced with a handful of people. It’s been integral to unearth these insights and remember them when I am in the middle of a sort of boundary crisis or a situation that crosses my boundaries in a very unhealthy way. Anchors and supports me in responding rather than immediately and unconsciously reacting.”

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“Teresa is the real deal! An experienced homeschool Mom who’s been there and can help others overcome overwhelm. Her ability to hold space for silence and difficult feelings makes her “no small talk” approach so effective. I trust her. Her retreat, resources, and ask-me-anything meetings have served me tremendously. I’m so glad she’s in my corner!”–A homeschool mom of an almost 7-year-old

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, you are such a treasure. I’m smiling and in tears. I can’t remember the last time I felt this safe to talk to someone and share difficult, vulnerable things from my heart and past, while knowing that I would get compassionate validation and wise advice. To have someone I deeply respect and admire listen to me, laugh with me, cry with me, get curious with me and help me see things from a different perspective means so much more than I could ever put into words. Please know in the depths of your heart that you are making a meaningful difference in this world, helping women, families, friends, communities- ME- grow and heal. And I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.”

Danielle, Homeschool Mom of 6

Another mama has this to say about the Homeschool Life Coach…

In 2013, I found myself completely, utterly, depleted.

I returned from my first mental health unit stay (I’m entirely serious) and was surrounded by 7 children who needed me. It was at THAT point that I realized I desperately needed to care for myself as well as care for my children. I didn’t know where they began, and I ended. (Is that how that expression goes?)

Suffice it to say, I had virtually no boundaries and had a very idealized version of what my homeschool SHOULD look like. Let’s say I fell a bit short. So seven years later, I should have it all together, right? (Spoiler: I don’t!)

When I was offered a review copy of Teresa Wiedrick’s book, I jumped.

You see, for me anyway, I’ve found that self-care must be constantly CHOSEN. And if you aren’t careful, complacency can sneak up behind you and kick your legs out from under you. I was not disappointed with this book.

First, the author is HILARIOUS! That might not seem to matter, but it makes the book flow nicely, prevent boredom, and feel like you got to know the author. She covers so much in this sizable book and covers so much from looking into the “Whys” of homeschooling, managing our many diverse emotions, and caring for our bodies, and minds, but also being mindful of things we might otherwise not notice.

The people in our lives who influence us, for example. She offers a plethora of ideas for having fun; alone and with kids alike. And she shared the value of community and of being organized.

Overall, I think this book is fantastic and I think any homeschool mom could benefit.” –Belinda, Homeschool Mom of 7

“How did you know I needed every ounce of insight you have written? It’s as if this book is written just for me…I am loving it.”

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Homeschool Life Coaching to deschool your homeschool…

“Let’s face it. Homeschooling is hard. And amazing. There is elation and devastation – all in an average day. Teresa comes alongside to help you navigate your relationship with your homeschooling. Not to fix you, but to sufficiently assist you in detaching your identity from the activity so that the activity is elevated to new heights. 

Why homeschool coaching? Teresa helps you poke through your assumptions and inner narrative to help you parent and educate gently – not only for your children but for yourself. She matches your pace to co-create sustaining practices for life and the long haul.” –Diane, Gradated Homeschool Mom of 3

What Diane thinks about Homeschool Mama Coaching

“Our conversations always cut through the noise in my head, or all of the “symptoms” that seemed like the problem but really wasn’t. Teresa was able to ask questions that helped me arrive at the answers on my own, which was far more valuable than just being told. We truly tackled everything from childhood trauma, bringing a baby into the homeschool mix, post-partum mood issues and fears, perfectionism, control issues, marriage and relationship issues, boundaries, issues with putting myself last and lack of self care, fears, routines and structure, working while schooling, accepting the season you’re in…and of course, actually homeschooling. I felt so at ease, and able to fully express myself to someone outside of my family/friend circle, so I could really speak about the things I needed to without editing/censoring myself. Teresa listens to understand, and I never felt judged, or rushed…it was exactly what I needed in order to handle the big transitions I was going through. Truly wouldn’t have done it all as gracefully without her alongside me.
Primarily I just wanted someone to truly know and understand me, so that when I had my baby and the inevitable hormones hit, they would know how best to help me find myself again. When I’m struggling and start thinking “I can’t do this”, I find myself often hearing Teresa’s voice saying — You ARE doing it. That shift on it’s own is invaluable.”

–Trina, Homeschool Mom of 3 Boys

“Teresa has been of tremendous value towards my growth in homeschooling and self-care. She is encouraging and supportive of all that I long to pursue. I’m so grateful to have her walk alongside me on this journey.

Teresa has been a tremendous source of encouragement for me when it comes to pursuing my dreams and creativity. She has supported me every step of the way. Her ideas on how to help me market and build my business have been accurate and helpful. During the times when I have been discouraged and wanted to give up, she has helped me renew my vision and elevate my excitement again. I highly recommend Teresa if you are looking for someone to walk side-by-side with you in building your business. She knows from experience what works and will help you find your path!”

Holly, homeschool mama of two

Or be surprised to have coaching that transforms you…

“When I decided to work with Teresa, I signed up for business coaching. But to be honest, I got some powerful and transformational life coaching! Teresa has a brilliant ability to get to the heart of the matter. I found myself both laughing and crying during our sessions as she asked me deep questions that helped to discover the root issues that had been blocking me from success in my business and other areas of my life. In just a few months, I could see growth in my social media accounts, in my finances, and most importantly, in myself, as a single homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. Thank you so much, Teresa, for sharing your time, your talent, your experience, and your expertise with me. I am eternally grateful to call you my coach – and my friend.”

What a graduated homeschool mama says…

“Full disclosure. I am no longer homeschool as my daughter has graduated.  YAY!!!!!! I am still interested in what you have to say. And I’d love to continue receiving your emails. I apply a lot of the tactics at the schools I work in with the kids. Thank you for everything.” — Sharann, Graduated Homeschool Mom of 1

Coaching for overcoming homeschool overwhelm…

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“I’m a fan! Gratefully, I ordered your book and am reading slowly–because it is so good and really speaking to me as a very imperfect mom of 4 doing her best:) I just wanted to share that I love your content and I don’t have too much time but when I do, I enjoy your work and what you are putting out. Thanks for all you do, and I hope you continue!”–Sonia, Homeschool Mama of 4

“I first want to say that I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. God is oh-so-good! You. Have. SO. MUCH. MEAT in your book! Girl, it’s like reading/drinking from a firehose!”–Pat, Podcast Manager & Veteran Homeschool Mama of 5

Pat Fenner, Breakthrough Homeschool coach and podcaster, and homeschool mama of 5

Speaking with Teresa in the first minute revealed to me how much I can accomplish when I take a deep breath and speak my desires as a mother aloud. She showed me the clarity I needed was within me all along and aided me in a practical, actionable way that is something I can start applying that day. Which, I did. The peace that comes with sharing space with her provides a presence that can be extended to yourself long after the call. I highly recommend working with her!

–Mina, Homeschool Mom of 3
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“My house is a mess, I’m worried I’m not doing the best for my son, I’m pretty sure he has some sensory processing issues that I’m trying to navigate on my own. We have no homeschooling friends. And if one more person in my family says the S word! 

It also doesn’t help that I feel my extended family “quizzes” my son anytime they see him. My husband is also very little help, so I think that’s pretty much my overwhelm! But I am grateful to have found you on Instagram! Thank you for all of the education, clarity and information you provide! I am brand new at this and pretty much on my own. I haven’t found a homeschool coop or group to join, unfortunately, so I am very grateful for you!”–Michelle, Homeschool Mama of 1

“You really make me feel understood and validated.”

Britt, Homeschool Mama to Three Kiddos

I help the homeschool mama shed what’s not working so she can show up in her homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

–Teresa Wiedrick, your Homeschool Life Coach

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

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Teresa Wiedrick

I help homeschool mamas shed what’s not working in their homeschool & life, so they can show up authentically, purposefully, and confidently in their homeschool & life.

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