Perspective Shift: What is an Education Anyways?

What is an Education anyways?

Why you homeschool matters more than how you homeschool. But why you homeschool is very influenced by what you think an education is anyway.

Teresa Wiedrick

So what is an education anyways?

What I’ve come to understand the goal for an education:

  • An education is enabling a human to live a life on purpose.
  • To have meaningful work for oneself and one’s community.
  • To be able to provide for oneself and one’s family.
  • To develop who you were meant to be.

The ingredients for a great education:

  • A specific child.
  • An engaged adult who is listening and observing that child’s interests, curiosities, and aptitudes.
  • Find learning opportunities for that child.

An education is an act of discovery.

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Teresa Wiedrick
Teresa Wiedrick

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