Homeschool Help for the Homeschool Mama

I help the overwhelmed homeschool mama shed what’s not working so she can show up in her homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach

Homeschool mama, I want you to find so much homeschool help, but even more than help.

I want you to live into freedom, authenticity, and satisfaction in your homeschool days.

I have discovered that under the challenges we have in our homeschool, almost always there is a challenge underlying that you can solve.

But it’s not usually a homeschool issue.

Almost never is it a homeschool issue.

Funny enough (not-so-funny actually), it is usually an issue of the mind: perspective, framing, and understanding.

So can we get to the heart of almost every homeschool challenge?

Most of the time.

And it starts with you, homeschool mama!

If you want to have a conversation with me to determine if and how you can address it, connect with me.

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