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Learn real self-care strategies for your real homeschool mama life in the Homeschool Mama Self-Care Podcast.

Tell me about the Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast.

This homeschool mom podcast explores aspects of wellness that will serve the homeschool mama in her real homeschool days.

This is the homeschool mom podcast where we won’t overlook your needs (you might, but we won’t).

Homeschool mama’s needs are easily overlooked with a steady stream of childhood needs, interpersonal interactions, and activities.

This homeschool podcast addresses the not-good-enough feeling, perfectionism, loneliness, anger, doubt, boredom, impatience, overwhelm, and all the feelings of the human experience.

You know, all the human feels.

Therefore, all the human feels in a homeschool mama experience.

So you can show up in your homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

Teresa helps you shed what’s not working & helps you instill strategies while shifting your perspective so you can show up in your life & your homeschool authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

Teresa Wiedrick, Homeschool Life Coach & Podcaster at Homeschool Mama Self-Care

Dear Homeschool Mama,

I offer you homeschool life coaching if you’d like to shed what’s not working so you can show up in your homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.
  • You can transform your frustration, confusion, and overwhelm to clarity, confidence, and purpose.
  • You will get clear on your triggers & challenges while enacting a plan of practice to address them.
  • You can turn the broken shards of your heart into curated gems on a charm bracelet.
Almost always, building boundaries in relationships, learning to speak to yourself differently, identifying and responding to your needs, and understanding your intentions behind your homeschool clarifies why you’ve been doing what you’re doing.

And when you get clear on what you’re doing, you get a whole lot clearer on who you are.

When you’re clear on who you are, watch out world! You have come into your purpose.

Then you’ll show up in your homeschool (& life) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

Let’s work together!

Teresa, your Homeschool Life Coach
Pop your homeschool mama earbud companions into your ears and get strategies to address your real needs and listen to this homeschool podcast.

You’ll be introduced to homeschool mamas that will bring you perspective. You’ll also get to decide on a practical plan to address your big emotions & your specific purpose in the world.

homeschool podcast: the Homeschool Mama Self-Care podcast

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Teresa is engaging, honest, and to the point. She comes across as genuinely wanting to connect with her listeners. I look forward to hearing the next episode!

Tatiana, Homeschool Mama

The first rule of life saving is…never become a victim yourself. As parents, we’re only as helpful to our kids as we are healthy. Teresa does an amazing job of keeping this front and center and helping parents care for themselves!!

Homeschool Dad

Teresa is a pleasure to listen to and learn from as a new homeschooler. Her interviews go in interesting directions and always get me thinking. A must listen for anyone wanting to build their confidence as an authentic and simple homeschooling mom!

Merissa, Homeschool Mama of Three Kiddos

“Your podcast is excellent.  I started with the first episode and am just listening to each one in order that’s interesting to me.  The one with Julie Bogart was terrific, I bought a sketchbook and pencils and a “how to draw” book just like her.”

Carla, Homeschool Mama of One Kiddo

“This is such a valuable and important topic for all moms especially those who are homeschooling. Thank you for the variety of guests you have on and for caring so much about others moms.”


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