Unveil Education Insights: Your Guide to Homeschooling Success

Why you homeschool matters more than how you homeschool.

But why is your homeschool affected by your thoughts: what is an education anyway?

So, let’s consider what an education is anyway? Let’s unveil education insights.

How do you decide what is an education anyway? You can deschool your homeschool with this intensive.

So let’s chat education insights.

What I’ve come to understand what is an education?

The elements of a great education:

  • A specific child.
  • An engaged adult who is listening and observing that child’s interests and aptitudes.
  • Find learning opportunities for that child.

Because I’ve been writing since we began homeschooling (more than 15 years ago), I’m able to look back at how I learned kids learn best.

I tried many methods:

So what brought me toward a more self-directed/unschooled approach wasn’t just reading on unschooling (John Taylor-Gatto & John Holt) but actually OBSERVING my kids.

Very quickly, I learned that curiosity and imagination were the fuel for real education.

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Zach is five: what is an education anyway

What is REAL education??

A concept or experience that helps to serve a specific person to develop and become an adult that can participate in their community and offer the world something meaningful from themselves.

Therefore, soon into homeschooling, I learned that if they ask questions, I should listen and help them find the resources to answer their questions.

If they’re asking questions, it means they’re thinking. They’re either digesting something that I’m sharing or exploring something they heard about somewhere.

In other words, they’re learning.

Therefore, let them be curious & explorers.

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