The Myth of Homeschool Balance with the Canadian Homeschooler, Lisa-Marie Fletcher

Homeschool balance is a myth, because it should be about priority, not balance. We need to put a heavier weight on the thing that is the most important in the moment, not how many things can I equal out over time.

Lisa-Marie Fletcher

Lisa Marie Fletcher is the voice behind the website, The Canadian Homeschooler – a popular first stop for parents looking for help getting started with homeschooling and for those searching for Canadian homeschooling resources.

More than a decade of teaching five children at home has given her plenty of experience on the path. Lisa Marie lives in Ontario, Canada.

I’ve interviewed her here too.

Visit her website at 

Simple Self-Care Strategy

Take a deep breath. Breathe. Be overwhelmed, be nervous, but don’t be afraid. Remember, “NO FEAR”.

Lisa-marie fletcher

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