How to Deal with our Traumas as Homeschool Parents

Norm Quantz is a counselor, relationship expert, and trauma specialist. He has listened to thousands of people tell their stories of struggles and successes.

Norm is the author of two books, Power & Control and Trauma No More. He graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling and is semi-retired from his private practice, but carries on part-time as an onsite trauma specialist.

Norm’s ​professional career has focused on helping people take the steps necessary for core change as they pursue wholeness. But his biggest joys are spending time with his family and friends, golfing, traveling, and table games.

He shares with us how to deal with our trauma as homeschool parents.

How to Deal with Trauma as a Homeschool Parent

“Determine who you want to be instead of who you
have become in response to your early trauma. You are
not your trauma. You may have been living like you
are but the real inside you is not. Affirm your updated
guiding components or criteria for a healthier mindset
and establish your updated identity”

Norm Quantz, author of Trauma No More

Norm’s Advice for How to Deal with our Trauma as Homeschool Parents

  • When you’re with your kids, be present with your kids fully for that moment.
  • When you’re not with your kids, be fully present there too.
  • Your kids don’t need you to make them the be the center of your attention.
  • Stay with your healthy highway when you see your child in the ditch.
  • Develop their trust without judgment: listen to them deeply.
  • People’s criteria for life determine what they expect to happen in life. And when something so extreme happens beyond what they expect to happen, the distance between what they expect to happen and what actually happens is the degree of their trauma.

Traumatic events happen when they are least expected. Trauma No More is your recovery guide to make the best of these bad situations. The fast-track or full-track options can expedite your emotional healing toward wholeness, whether you are recovering by yourself or with others. Do you want to recover from a trauma? This six-step easy-to-follow recovery guide is written for you.

Norm Quantz, author of Trauma No More

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