11 Uplifting Affirmations for You, Homeschool Mom

Why is self-compassion is important?

Straight up, we homeschool mamas need to treat ourselves as kindly as we aspire to treat our kids.

(Because we can’t practice compassion for our kids if we’re not practicing it with ourselves.)

So, let’s clarify. How do you address self-criticism, self-judgment, not good enough, guilt, shame, or perfectionism as a homeschool mama?

Self-compassion affirmations for homeschool mamas will benefit YOU and the kids!

You could, on one hand, not address these experiences at all.

You could do the opposite of self-compassion for the homeschool mama:

  • just beat yourself up, make yourself feel bad,
  • remind yourself how horrible your parenting really is,
  • or at the very least, remember that you are a wee bit incompetent or incapable at times.
However, you could address that nasty mean person in your head saying all those things and declaring, thanks, but no thanks, I’ve got to learn a new way to speak to myself.

So, how do I suggest that you do that though?

It’s hard to get yourself out of your own head. And I know you have stuff to do homeschool mama! And self-compassion is likely not on the list.

Naturally, I have had a chance to practice self-compassion….and I am committed to practicing it till the day I die.

I strongly suspect I’ll always have a chance to learn to speak kindly to myself and include these practices in my life.

What do we do to change those self-criticizing, self-judging, not-good-enough, shaming, and guilty feelings inside our minds?

One thing we can do: practice daily the self-compassion affirmations for homeschool mamas.

Why self-compassion affirmations for the homeschool mama?

Why do we need self-compassion affirmations for homeschool mamas?

Because affirmations are words we tell our souls: words of truth & kindness.

Here are 11 Self-Compassion Affirmations for Homeschool Mamas to Practice:

(Find more of these from here, this source, and Louise Hay’s official site, which inspired them.)

Therefore, try these if you’re a believer in the power of affirmations, and use them to replace self-criticism or remind yourself to be kind to Number One.

Speak just one affirmation each morning as you look at yourself in the mirror, perhaps when you’re brushing your teeth. (And if a child interrupts, ask them to join you!)
  1. I accept the best and worst aspects of who I am.
  2. Changing is never simple but it’s easier if I stop being hard on myself.
  3. My mistakes just show that I’m growing and learning.
  4. It’s okay to make mistakes and forgive myself.
  5. I am free to let go of others’ judgments.
  6. It’s safe for me to show kindness to myself.
  7. I deserve compassion, tenderness, and empathy from myself.
  8. I release myself with forgiveness from today and move forward with self-love to tomorrow.
  9. Every day is a new opportunity. I won’t let self-doubt or judgment hold me back from the future.
  10. I forgive myself and accept my flaws because nobody is perfect.
  11. I’m not the first person to have felt this way, and I won’t be the last, but I’m growing.

Self-Compassion for Homeschool Mama Course…

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mother comforting grownup daughter: self-compassion affirmations for homeschool

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