the Most Popular 2021 Capturing the Charmed Posts

What were the most-read posts of 2021? Even I want to know. Drum roll, please…

As I look back at what 2021 has been, in my personal life, in my writing life, in my mentoring life, in my podcasting life, I consider what have been the most popular posts.

So what are the most popular 2021 capturing the charmed posts?

most popular 2021 capturing the charmed posts

Introducing the most popular 2021 Capturing the Charmed Posts:

1. how to teach our children solitude: inspiring words from Maya Angelou

We rarely experience solitude and hardly know its benefit, so we certainly don’t think to teach it to our children.

Our western culture teaches us…

  • to love public attention, and naturally, our ego appreciates that, until it doesn’t get it.
  • that extroversion is favourable, even necessary, healthy, and normal.
  • that constant activity equals importance, value, and purpose.
  • that we should search for meaning outside of ourselves, preferably in crowds of others.

Maya Angelou teaches us about teaching our children how to wield solitude.

2. All the Homeschool Mama Resources for You!

All the Homeschool Mama Resources Just for You! (just as the title suggests).

Every downloadable resource I have available is in this post.

Secret password? Christmas gift.


3. Raising Critical Thinkers: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Wise Kids with Julie Bogart

No doubt an interview with Julie Bogart would be one of the most popular posts of all year.

If you don’t already know her, you’ll love her. You can listen to my first interview with her here.

And if you do already know her, you’ll be introduced to Professor Julie and learn why this woman is a thought leader in our homeschool community. She’ll help us raise wise kids.

4. How to Survive the Pandemic when you Homeschool

With a title like that, you’ll understand why this post is so popular.

But when you hear these two ladies, Angela and Maren, interviewed in this episode, you’ll also scootch on over to their podcast and subscribe because they are fun to listen to.

Learn the Fourteen Powerful Approaches to Overcoming Overwhelm in your Homeschool through a Pandemic.

5. Seven ways Brene Brown rescued me from one of those homeschool days

The authors that influence how I show up on purpose in my homeschool are the same authors that help YOU show up on purpose in your homeschool. Brene Brown easily influences our homeschools as all of her life lessons are translatable for us homeschool mamas.

If you want to learn how other authors influence our homeschools and help us show up on purpose in our homeschools, you can join us at the Homeschool Mama Book Club each month.

6. homeschooling in British Columbia: how to do it & what are the options

This is a consistently popular post because a. I live in British Columbia, b. it outlines how to do homeschooling in British Columbia, and c. there aren’t a lot of homeschool moms writing about homeschooling in British Columbia.

But stay posted, because homeschooling and online learning are on the cusp of having some rather interesting changes in the upcoming year.

Find the upcoming webinar here.

7. the Not So Big House: a variety of ceiling heights

I continue to marvel at how this singular post has done so well over the years. Are there a whole bunch of homeschool moms looking to build or design their own homes?

Based on the very popular New York Times bestselling book, The Not So Big Life, and the also popular book, The Not So Big House, I wrote this post (& a few other posts) when I was building and designing our present homestead.

I had the remarkable privilege of interviewing the author of these books, a wonderful contributor to books and house design and life purpose. Yes, all three. And I adored our conversation. It is my most favourite podcast interview.

It also spurs on my self-exploration at the end of each year and helps me plan my upcoming year.

And if you’re looking to dig deep in planning for your upcoming year, in your personal life, and in your homeschool life, join me virtually to do just that.

8. teaching literary devices to homeschool high school students using pop culture references

Y’all, I was looking for a fun way to introduce literary devices to my high school daughter. And I found it! Using pop culture references, of course!

I routinely look at this one to refresh what certain literary devices even are (yes, I’m a writer, but ya know I don’t have that stuff memorized).

And they’re just fun!

9. Welcome to the Homeschool Mama Self-Care Podcast & Why I Homeschool

Why is this podcast episode so popular? Because it’s my story. It’s why I came to homeschool. And it was kinda funny and definitely unexpected.

I hope you enjoy it!

10. it’s a homestead life for us!

Not all six of our homeschool family thought living an hour away from town, off-grid, in a 500 square foot cabin was a fabulous idea when I first came up with that idea nearly fifteen years ago.

My husband reminded me that we’d have three teenage girls when we built that off-grid cabin. So we didn’t. (Wise words!) It definitely turned out a whole lot bigger than originally planned.

But every ounce of it has been a dream, an expensive dream, but a beautiful dream.

I hope you and your kids have a charmed year. I raise my glass to 2022! May it surprise all of us.

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