How to Survive the Pandemic when you Homeschool

If we really believe that kids are learning all the time, we can let go of the stress of completing curriculum.


How to Survive the Pandemic when you Homeschool

Angela and Maren are the creators and podcast hosts at Homeschool Unrefined.

They’ve been friends for more than 20 years. They’ve survived a lot of Minnesota winters together, as well as college and grad school, full-time teaching, giving birth within days of each other (twice), and now life as homeschoolers and podcasters.

What’s most important right now is our mental health and addressing our stress level, making sure we’re as healthy as we can be.


Angela & Maren’s Advice for Homeschool Parents:

  • Recognize what is the most pressing, most important thing in your homeschool. Then do that.
  • Process a sibling fight, even if it takes an hour, instead of the originally planned activities.
  • If a child isn’t normalized, it’s not time to move on to something more intense.
  • Sometimes we help our kids through sibling conflict and sometimes we let them do it themselves.
  • Give your kids a lot of room to be imperfect.
  • Make your homeschool your own thing.
  • Be yourself, be you, and show your kids what you’re actually into, then do that.
  • Empower your kids to see who they really are and help them do that too!

This (pandemic) time together (as a family) is not pollyanna stuff.

Angela & Maren

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Homeschool Mama Self-Care: nurturing the nurturer

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