A Homeschool Mom’s Confession on the Disadvantages of Homeschooling

When meeting a new acquaintance, people often ask what I do?

When I answer, I homeschool my kids, I am often met with curious looks. Instinctively, I want to defend, explain myself, all the merits and benefits and freedoms to homeschooling.

And I do. But there are downsides to homeschooling too. There are disadvantages.

a Homeschool Mom's Confession on the Disadvantage of Homeschooling

Non-homeschool parents know it intuitively, as their jaws drop to discover I homeschool.

The look on their faces often tell me, she is NUTS.

They might think I’m nuts because…

  1. The kitchen floor never stays clean,
  2. I get to see a lot more kid arguing and complaining,
  3. I get to see my ugly side more often,
  4. I don’t get to be in my home alone, let alone the bathroom…
  5. The bathroom always looks like a college dorm bathroom.
  6. I own too many books and they are everywhere.
  7. I spend my waking hours relearning math concepts.
  8. There is always a homeschool experiment on the kitchen table.
  9. There is a rats’ nest of erasers, pens, markers, scissors, Lego, or Barbie shoes tucked in the sofa (and hither and yon).
  10. No one ever knows where the scissors are (oh right, they are under the sofa cushions).
  11. Computer toner is always on the “to purchase” list.
  12. I have to learn to multitask my thoughts, because I’m usually thinking my thoughts and listening to someone else’s.

Would the non-homeschooling mom be right? Yup, sometimes.

There are definitely those days that make homeschooling seem like a less-than-happy making life choice.

But we also know that we get to enjoy all the freedoms, the upside of homeschooling.

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