How to Deal with Unrealistic Expectations as Homeschool Mamas

Be realistic.

That right there is a statement we homeschool mamas find challenging.

Cause we’re homeschool mamas! We have lofty ambitions. For our kids, for their educations, and of us.

Be realistic with what you can do.

You can’t do everything. No you can’t. Really, you can’t. No, everyone else isn’t doing everything. Actually NO ONE is doing everything. They’re doing some things. Just as you will be when you honestly, kindly, accept yourself as being a normal human being that can only do so much. And that it is even good enough!

Everyone won’t always get along.

Darn it. (But wouldn’t that be nice if they would?) No one ever complaining about all the cool things you’ve planned for them but they don’t care about. No one ever bickering with each other, just happily playing alonside one another. They always appreciate their siblings, recognizing that they are creating childhood memories and lifetime friendships.

Some days you will feel like your homeschool was hijacked.

Because of a surprise trip to emerg, a jarring phone call from afar, kids that just breathe fire as they pass each other in the hallway, there’s always some reason why your homeschool won’t always go smoothly. In fact, it’ll even feel like your day got hijacked.

You have an emotional atmosphere that needs to be attended to.

We have emotional reactions to those days that feel hijacked, and also to the bickering, or to a kid that gets mistreated in the park, or even getting cut off in traffic while we’re driving to piano practice. And that emotional atmosphere needs to be attended to just as we would attend to our child getting mistreated at the park.

You have other relationships that need attending to.

And sometimes that discussion you’ve been having with your partner about that issue seems to be getting more agitating the more you discuss it. That issue needs to be settled once and for all so you can be present in your time with your kids, instead of being over there with your partner.

This is your big, messy, happy, not always happy, homeschool reality.

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