How to Be at Ease in your Homeschool During a Pandemic with Lynda Puleio

Lynda is a veteran homeschool mom and is passionate about helping and encouraging new homeschool families.

Lynda is the mom of 4: three grown daughters, aged 31, 28 & 27, and a surprise blessing, a son, age 9. Lynda also has two granddaughters aged 6 & 4.

Outside the homeschool classroom, Lynda is also a children’s sign language instructor, a fitness instructor, and a semi-new vegan, after her husband’s stage three colon cancer diagnosis this past year.

Homeschooling during Covid with Lynda Puleio

Take time for you, believe it or not, your family will not fall apart while you do!

Lynda Puleio

Tips for Homeschooling During a Health Crisis

  • You need to accept that we’re human.
  • You need time to recover.
  • You need time to yourself.
  • You need time to refresh.
  • You need time to rebuild yourself.

What Lynda & I talked about…

  • As moms, we sometimes think the world will fall apart without us but it won’t. In those critical moments, we can realize that our husbands are a little more capable than we give them credit for.
  • Get out of the house at least once a week and take time for yourself, recharge your batteries so you can be a better mom to your family.

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