How to Homeschool During a Crisis with Lynda Puleio

Lynda is a veteran homeschool mom and is passionate about helping and encouraging new homeschool families.

Lynda is the mom of 4: three grown daughters, aged 31, 28 & 27, and a surprise blessing, a son, age 9. Lynda also has two granddaughters aged 6 & 4.

Outside the homeschool classroom, Lynda is also a children’s sign language instructor, a fitness instructor, and a semi-new vegan, after her husband’s stage three colon cancer diagnosis this past year.

Homeschool during a crisis with Lynda Puleio

Take time for you, believe it or not, your family will not fall apart while you do!

Lynda Puleio

Tips to Homeschool During a Crisis…

  • You need to accept that we’re human.
  • You need time to recover.
  • You need time to yourself.
  • You need time to refresh.
  • You need time to rebuild yourself.

What Lynda & I talked about…

  • As moms, we sometimes think the world will fall apart without us but it won’t. In those critical moments, we can realize that our husbands are a little more capable than we give them credit for.
  • Get out of the house at least once a week and take time for yourself, recharge your batteries so you can be a better mom to your family.

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