An Energizing Homeschool Mom Retreat for your Heart

A virtual retreat for homeschooling moms who wants to homeschool with confidence, clarity, and vision.

In this homeschool mom retreat, you can get away, take a breather, and dig deep into the things that are keeping you from enjoying the full charms of your homeschool so you can show up on purpose in your homeschool days.

Dear Homeschool Mama,

This is the first of its kind: a virtual homeschool mom retreat to help lead you to take care of yourself.

In this retreat, you can get away, take a breather, and dig deep into the things that are driving your homeschool & your life.

(The things you likely don’t see at the surface).

…So you can show up on purpose in your homeschool & life.

In this retreat, I share the path I’ve taken to help me nurture myself, so I can help you nurture you so you can nurture those you homeschool.

  • I share the most important self-care strategy, taking care of your thoughts.
  • I help you grapple with and overcome your doubts about your homeschool choice.
  • I offer you ten simple self-care strategies that you can incorporate into your regular homeschool days.

If you want clarity, confidence, and vision in your homeschool & your life, set aside time to nurture you.

Though we love homeschooling, we sometimes need a homeschool mom retreat.

Somewhere in my third-year homeschooling, I was done.

In my heart, I was mouthing the words “help me” as the school bus drove by.

I found myself reacting to kids’ squabbles or perpetually irritated that a child wouldn’t show interest in her studies, by saying, “If you don’t…then you’re getting on that bus Monday morning.”

I knew I didn’t actually want to research the local school’s telephone number, but I definitely didn’t know what else to do.

But I was done.

Until I watched a Brene Brown TedX Talk: I realized I didn’t even factor ME into my life. What did I need?

I learned I had to take care of ME to take care of my kids.

Alongside planning for your homeschool, you need to plan for YOU too.

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for one month or twenty-five years, you need to routinely address how you’re taking care of yourself and address your big emotions, like doubtoverwhelm, not good enough, or frustration.

We’re homeschool moms, we all want to show up on purpose for our homeschool kids.

homeschool mom retreat

Do you need a homeschool mama retreat?

A retreat to help you be more present in your homeschool, to be clear that what you’re doing is really working for you & your kids, to be confident that what you’re doing is beyond good enough, rather it’s even amazing.

Together we’ll determine what you need and uncover actionable tools to take care of you.

So, you can nurture yourself while you nurture your homeschooled kids too.
Dear Homeschool Mama,
This is the first of its kind:
  • A retreat to help you acknowledge and address your emotions: possibly overwhelm, doubt, unrealistic expectations, perfectionist tendencies, guilt, and not-good-enough feelings.
  • A retreat to release your (unhelpful) homeschool mindsets.
  • A retreat to renew your homeschool vision.
  • A retreat to create a plan of self-care for you!
  • A retreat to align what you’re doing in your daily homeschool routine with how you want to do it.
  • A retreat to reimagine how I want to show up in my homeschool & life.
So I ask you…
  • What do you need to retreat from & why do you need a retreat?
  • What unhelpful mindsets are getting in your way of homeschool satisfaction?
  • How do you presently describe your homeschool vision?
  • How do you want to show up in your homeschool (& life)?
  • Share the self-care strategies that serve you (& the ones you’d like to learn).
  •  Who are you beyond homeschool mama, how do you nurture your life purpose?

A retreat so you can show up on purpose in your homeschool & your life with clarity, confidence, and renewed vision.

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we can be.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Along with the purchase of the FULL course, you will receive:

  • a 4-week LIVE online group coaching session (unless you’d prefer private mentoring)
  • a FREE signed copy of the Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer book (shipping included)
  • a journaling workbook to get your interior work flowing
  • and a surprise self-care package to accompany your virtual retreat (valued at $25)
  • lifetime access to the Retreat updates

the virtual homeschool mama mini-retreat

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