Building Boundaries and Requiring Time Outs with Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson is a mom to five and a homeschool mom to four who works full-time and loves to help moms with lots of littles have the energy they need to rock their mom journey.

She aspires to help moms find happiness in the stage of life they’re in, through daily habits that help fill their buckets so they have more to give their families. Nothing is worse than wanting what’s best for your family and yet hardly having the energy or mental strength to get out of bed in the morning.

Stacy Wilson graduated with an AA in Sports Medicine and then her BA in Health Science with an emphasis in Personal Health and Lifetime Wellness.

After college, sports coaching tapered off as she had more children. She got back into health after her fourth baby was born when she was tired, depressed, and unhappy. She began coaching in-home workouts, nutrition, and accountability. 

Her ultimate goal is to help moms as she launches her Happy Mom Project. It’s an 8-week group focusing on creating and establishing healthy habits that allow us to show up for our families the way WE want to show up, not just getting through.

It’s hard to make yourself a priority. It always will be. It’ll never get easier to make yourself a priority. It’s usually inconveniencing someone else. But the more you do it, the more you’ll see the benefits of it and so will your family.

Stacy Wilson

Stacy encourages homeschool moms:

  • You have to be intentional, whether it’s workouts, homeschool, or boundaries. You got to be doing what you’re doing, be intentional.
  • Use workouts: not to lose weight but to gain energy, and strength, and prove to us that we can do hard things.
  • Include nutrition: not so we can fit into the pre-baby jeans, but to refuel our bodies with nutrients that pregnancy and nursing strip away.
  • Incorporate self-care: not to just take time for us, but to find things that truly fill our buckets and find fulfillment, so our joy spills over into our families. 

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