How to Address Worry & Overthinking for the Homeschool Mama

Shayla Peterson is a licensed psychotherapist who helps women address worry & overthinking. Offering a map for their journey towards healing, she provides therapy using a person-centered, no-judgment, upbeat, and empathic approach.

Her clients walk away from therapy feeling equipped with tools to stand up to their inner critic, feel better about themselves, having more time for themselves, people, and things that are most important to them.

Shayla Peterson helps her clients increase their ability to focus on the steps in their journey, not just the destination in life.

How to address worry & overthinking for the homeschool mama? Let’s chat with Shayla Peterson.

Shayla Peterson helps us address worry & overthinking as a homeschool mama.

Anxiety is a warning signal. What is anxiety teaching you at this time?

Shayla Peterson, Creator of CtrlShiftBalance

Shayla Peterson’s advice for homeschool parents:

  • Schedule your time to worry (find the worry schedule on her website).
  • Find healthy distractions, practice breathing exercises, and problem solve for your worries.
  • Remind yourself each morning what you want to think about yourself by reaffirming your values with your affirmations.
  • Practice doing the things we want to teach our kids to do.
  • We always have two choices. We can be reactive or we can be responsive. If we can just slow it down for a millisecond, we can determine what to do next.

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