How to Be Conscious in Your Homeschool with Erica Kesilman

Erica Kesilman is a self-directed education and conscious parent coach who homeschools her three children.

Erica is a passionate advocate and enthusiast for self-directed education.

In coaching families, Erica Kesilman, a conscious parent coach who homeschools, uses an integrated approach that includes evidence-based educational psychology practices supported by the emerging brain and nervous system science, conscious parenting, mindfulness, meditation, and various professional teaching practices. 

She walks side by side with families as their ally, friend, guide, and coach so that they can manifest life-long learning and joy, innovation, deep connection, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

how to be conscious in your homeschool with erica kesilman, founder of conscious homeschooling

The three essential needs of a child (and a homeschool mom) is to feel seen, heard, and feel safe.

Erica Kesilman, founder of Conscious Homeschooling

Six Steps to Self-Connection:

  • Self-awareness: be comfortable and connected to yourself.
  • Notice your reactivity.
  • Interrupt your reactions.
  • Pause & breathe.
  • Get curious about why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.
  • Sportscast with neutrality your experience.
  • Practice the art of negotiation and play.

We optimize our powerful learning capacities when we are aware. When we are aware of how our ego, our trauma, agendas, and expectations prevent us from showing up for ourselves and our children in ways that cultivate connection, deep learning, and unconditional love.

Erica Kesilman, Founder of Conscious Homeschooling

Erica’s Advice for Homeschool Parents:

  • Be conscious of your facial expressivity towards your children.
  • Play with your kids on their terms.
  • Diminish your doubt about homeschooling by documenting your homeschool activities.
  • Look into the eyes of your children every day.
  • Make self-connection your goal, first and foremost.

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