Free (&/or Affordable) Homeschool Coaching Options for You!

The homeschool journey can be a challenging one for many reasons, but it’s even more challenging when you’re trying to do it alone.

Teresa offers free (&/or affordable) homeschool coaching to help homeschool mamas shed what’s not working so they can show up in their homeschools (& lives) authentically, purposefully, and confidently.

These are some of the free (& affordable) homeschool coaching opportunities: personal strategy calls, free video trainings, monthly classes, podcast episodes, free resources, written articles, self-coaching workbooks & courses, and group and individual coaching.

Let me tell you about the homeschool coaching options.

Numerous free (& affordable) homeschool coaching options are available:

Would you like a homeschool mentor to walk alongside you as you determine if the homeschool lifestyle is right for you?

Watch this…
Perhaps you’ve already begun your homeschool journey but would appreciate an authentic, supportive ear that can reflect your thoughts, concerns, & ideas, and enable perspective-shifting conversations so you can gain clarity and confidence.

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Homeschool Mama has Big Emotions too!

So, if you’re challenged by anger, frustration, guilt, failure, or that not-good-enough feeling in your homeschool, YOU are not alone.

I help homeschool mamas address these challenges.

If that’s you, know that I’ve been there done that myself, helped many homeschool mamas create plans to address their big emotions, and enable gentle accountability plans so homeschool mamas can practice strategies and techniques to overcome those challenges (so they can show up in their homeschools on purpose).

So, if homeschool coaching sounds like something you’d like to pursue, connect with me, or discover the many resources that will help you here:
Download your Big Emotions Audit:
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Use a Journaling Workbook designed for the Homeschool Mama’s Big Emotions…

Watch this…
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Consider group coaching…

Self-Compassion for Homeschool Mama Course…

…to instill strategies that help you nurture the nurturer, be kind with your big emotions & your kids’ big emotions too…

Self-Compassion for Homeschool Mama

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Teresa Wiedrick

I help homeschool mamas shed what’s not working in their homeschool & life, so they can show up authentically, purposefully, and confidently in their homeschool & life.