How to Homeschool as a Single Mom with with Sarah Wall

Sarah Wall, Creator of Raising Royalty, is a homeschool mom of six daughters, web designer, marketing strategist, and virtual assistant.

Sarah is a single parent of six, from infancy to teenager, including two special needs children. She and her princesses live in Waterloo, Ontario, where they enjoy homeschooling, playing and growing together as a family.

So how to homeschool as a single mom?

how to homeschool as a single mom

I gave each of my daughters a unique princess name. I wanted to remind myself every time I look at them or used their names that this is someone special. Someone that deserves the respect of royalty. My children deserve that respect. And with that they have the responsibilities and duties towards other people too.

Sarah Wall, Virtual Assistant of XeraSupport

We discuss how to homeschool as a single mom:

  • The intentional approach toward our children creates an atmosphere of seeing them as royalty.
  • We chat about the homeschool mama self-care myth that moms can’t get alone time. (Even when you’re a single mom of six girls!)

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