How you can Use Enneagram in your Homeschool with Isabelle Robledo

Learning about ourselves and our family members builds a stronger homeschool experience.

In this conversation with Isabelle Robledo, we learn how we can use the enneagram to understand the people in our homeschools.

Isabelle Robledo, an eighteen-year-old unschooler, teaches how to understand your unique personality type and use it to solve your struggles and get what you desire.

So let’s chat enneagram in your homeschool with Isabelle Robledo.

Isabelle Robledo and Teresa Wiedrick discuss how to use Enneagram in the homeschool

Enneagram gives us a comprehensive look at what our personality is, what kind of people we are, where we need to grow, where we will struggle, and give us a great indicator of how we can be more healthy versions of ourselves.

Isabelle Robledo, Enneagram Coach at Making Mindfulness Fun

In this episode, Isabelle & I discuss enneagram in the homeschool:

  • An explanation of the enneagram personality profile system.
  • An explanation of each of the enneagram types.
  • The strengths and the challenges of each enneagram type.
  • How to engage in self-care for each of the enneagram types.

Finally, Isabelle encourages homeschool parents:

  • You don’t have to figure out enneagram in one day, you can spend time and explore it.
  • Your family members and friends can help you enneagram type yourself.
  • You can help your kids learn about enneagram too so they can learn more about themselves.

Let’s Talk Enneagram with Isabelle Robledo

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