the home educating chemist

Mom, where are the matches?

I heard it. I didn’t process it, but I know I heard it because I told her where they were.

I was already helping her younger sister and brother try to build a rocket. To my right was another daughter trying to narrate her zoology reading.

Mom, do you know where the vinegar is?

I walked into the other room and see her pulling glass beakers from the Styrofoam box and trying to pull apart a vial of a white powdery content.


Whatcha doing?

A science experiment. I need fire, and some of these chemicals.

Whoa. Science explosions in my living room. No, honey, there’s a process for this. It starts with the kitchen, gloves and a smock. Do you see those goggles? They were in the box for a reason. And let’s not start in the middle of the book. Experiment number one will introduce you to this kit.

There’s nothing like a science experiment kit to excite the child’s senses. But first, safety…


In the end, we discovered she was creating a bath fizz with a little carbon dioxide reaction. We do that breathing.

Still, scientific process requires a predictable, familiar routine of safety checks: no fires unauthorized! Then let the fun begin…