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You’re already out of the conventional education BOX (you’re a homeschooler!) but how do you get out of school-ish mindsets that aren’t working for you (or your kids)?

This free Deschool coaching will help you figure out what you need to practically DO to shift those mindsets.

What are the things you’re uncertain about behind closed doors? (You know, in the moments when you’re not feeling you have to defend your homeschool choice to neighbours or family: maybe you’ve tucked the kids into bed, and then you have those ruminating conversations in your head or with your friend/partner: am I doing right by my kids, what if I could do better, maybe we could switch curriculum, maybe I’m not cut out for this?) 

In this post, you’ll learn about free Deschool coaching…

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So I ask you, what are those concerns in the back of your mind?

  • What are you worried about?
  • What are the things that aren’t working for you and they just don’t feel right?
  • What are the things you know aren’t working for your kids? (Their feedback is undeniable with the fidgetiness or complaining).
Have you become clear about what you think an education is anyway?

Is there a schooled mindset that you just can’t shake?

Join the 5-Day Deschool your Homeschool Challenge…

You access free Deschool coaching in the 5-Day Deschool your Homeschool Challenge, but I offer some coaching here too:

I offer you a practical tool, one of the free deschool coaching tools, for you here…

Grab a journal or notebook, write each of your kids’ names at the top, and leave the notebook on your kitchen counter so you can record what each of your kids is doing for just one week.

Try to include all the activities (reading, writing, building, coding, “screening”, playing, literally anything) they’re doing for one week (the activities they’re doing without you telling them to).

After a week, peruse the list and ask yourself a few questions:
  • What is your child gravitating toward?
  • What are their natural aptitudes (what are they good at)?
  • How do they prefer to learn?
  • What lights them up?
  • How do they engage their friends and siblings? Assess your relationship with each of your children: what can you do to contribute to healthier connection with each of your children (because your connection creates your homeschool atmosphere and their receptivity)?
  • What do you most want for each of your children?
  • What do you think each of your kids most needs?
  • Determine what you think an education is anyway: you’re homeschooling, YOU get to decide!
  • Ask each of your kids what they would like to learn.
  • Assume that conversations (about any and all topics) count as learning (because they can be huge jumping-off points for learning, exploring, and practicing critical thinking skills).
  • Assume that experiences count as learning (getting out of our comfort zones, discovering new things, new people, and new ideas expands every bit of our education).
  • Assume that documentaries count as learning (they can act like cheap travel, enabling new ideas, new people, and new places…building on an education.)
  • Explore the gaps in your own education (What did you miss in your education? What are you hoping to create for your kids that you didn’t have? What could have fueled you to be more prepared for your adult world and even to become more you?)
You can feel confident in your homeschool choices, you can align what you believe an education should be for your kids, and make it happen!

There aren’t any other humans on the earth like your family: so you do your homeschool for you and your kids. You can reimagine your homeschool life!


ps If you want to explore your mindsets around homeschooling, how it’s working for you, how it’s working for your kids, and align your educational values with what you’re actually doing, join me in LIVE personalized coaching.

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