the Not So Big House: how big is not so big?…a confessional

Once upon a time, when I had four children living with me (which wasn’t long ago, since one of them is playing at my feet and the others are at youth group…), I imagined myself stealing away from the world in a desolate, off-grid location with all four homeschooled kiddos in a 600 sq ft space.

No running water and electricity required (or desired, or so I believed). I wanted the Not So Big House.

I’d have an axe. We’d forage for herbs. Naturally,we’d get a hunting license and probably eat squirrels. We’d learn to fish. My husband would drive an hour into a small town hospital…somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

the not so big house

So what happened with my dreams of the Not So Big House?

Stop laughing. I was serious.

I wanted the Not So Big House, but might I add the only weekend we have ever camped together was in a cabin, with running water? We had a propane burner to cook hot dogs, which took an hour.

Hot dogs! An hour!

When others talk about camping, I know what they’re talking about it, because we did it when I was a kid.

A lot. And it was fun.

Except that I discovered as an adult, it’s a LOT OF WORK.

Too much work for hot dogs.

So I’ve resigned myself to a Super 8 when I think of ‘roughing it’. (And yes, I know how that reveals the comfort I travel in.)

My idealism continues to wane as I age.

It makes it a little less fun in my head, but I am no longer nuts enough to think I could survive in a teeny cabin with adolescent daughters. As you can imagine, it’s not the provisions I’d be worried about.

Rather, our sanity.

And so therein lies my confessional. I aspire to a tiny home, resplendent with Not So Big House features. The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka has a lot to offer.

But when you come for coffee, you’ll be disappointed by my ‘not so big house’ square footage when you learn it’s bigger than my previous house and about 500 sq ft per person, ha.

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