how you can use three fun writing games for homeschool kids

There is no end to making writing practice and writing games fun. Fun fun fun!

You don’t like writing? I don’t believe you. Might be a mild bias.

Okay, so we’re different people. And you really wouldn’t spend an afternoon putting pen to paper or tapping on this machine, but….you wanna make it fun teaching your kids to write?

girl in white tank top holding pencil: writing games for homeschool

Here are three writing games for you and your homeschool kids to enjoy…

You should know that none of them was my idea; rather, they were pilfered from a fantastic writing guide titled, What If?

1. In two or three sentences, write three startlingly amusing things that you did or things that happened to you.

Two should be truths, one should be a lie. (You know your kiddos will like this one).

And can’t you just see your kiddos playing with their friends?

2. Dictionary discovery…

Find a word in the dictionary that no one in the group knows the meaning of.

The person checking the dictionary tells the group the meaning.

The dictionary defines and reads each of the contributions. The players decide which definition they vote for as the authentic definition.

You get a point for each player who thinks your definition is correct.

3. Fictionary…

Choose a sentence with four to ten words from a book.

Call out the first letter for each word in the sentence. Choose the first letters of each word to write a new sentence.

When you sit down to have a little fun with the littles, and make a game out of writing, they will invariably grow to enjoy the process of writing.

Now, can’t you just see your kids and their friends enjoying these on their Saturday night sleepovers? Enjoy!

Writing can be as fun for your homeschool kids as you enjoy it! (Or I enjoy it;)

These are three writing games for homeschooled kids (and homeschool moms too).

If you embrace play in your work, you can enjoy the writing process.

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