the Not So Big Homeschool: Making Room for What Really Matters

A Not So Big Life is one in which you learn to listen to what your heart longs to do, and to integrate these passions into your everyday lifeWhen you engage what you are truly passionate about, you are automatically present in what you are doingyou are showing up completely in each moment. Life becomes a natural expression of your true nature. A Not So Big Life gives you more room to breathe and to engage the things you really love.  You’ll find more vitality and meaningfulness, and that sense of being “at home” in your life.

Sarah Susanka, author of the Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters

the not so big homeschool

Sarah Susanka, FAIA, is a social innovator, acclaimed architect, agent of personal transformation, and author of the ‘Not So Big’ series, Sarah Susanka has become the inspiration for a new way of understanding how we inhabit both our homes and our lives. She is the best-selling author of nine books—including The Not So Big House, Home By Design, and The Not So Big Life—that collectively weave together home and life design, teaching us that a ‘Not So Big’ attitude serves not only architectural aims, but life goals as well.

Through her writing, lectures, and workshops, we learn that a rich, full, satisfying life is readily within reach. Susanka explains that it’s how we are in what we do, not the specific content of our lives, that’s important. There’s no need for massive upheavals in everyday life to find meaning. Her credo is simple: When we look with the eyes of a student, everything can teach us more about who and what we truly are—we just have to learn how to look.

Sarah’s Advice for Homeschool Parents:

  • The world is a mirror and it’s showing you to you.
  • We’re living in a hall of mirrors.
  • Every reaction we have can be turned around and teach us something.
  • We need to let go of the idea that people are doing something to us.
  • Notice your own judgement and recognize they’re not true.
  • Use every frustration and reaction as food instead of rejection, it’ll change your lfie.

Allan Watts video on Life is NOT a Journey

We must be the change we wish to be in the world.


Whatever your child is doing, whatever is driving you crazy, If you can just take a pause and ask yourself, how do I do what that child is doing right now to myself, internally, because they are showing you something about your own pattern with yourself.

Sarah Susanka, author of the Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters

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