Join the 5 Day 2022 Homeschool Vision Challenge

A 5 Day Homeschool Mama Challenge to enable your vision, clarity, and purpose in your 2022 Homeschool.

Teresa Wiedrick

“The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive, with passion, compassion, humour and style.”

Maya Angelou

Access your 5 strategies to reenvisioning your 2022 homeschools.

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  • to encourage you to show up on purpose in your homeschools
  • to align your actual daily activities with your homeschool vision
  • to tackle your real homeschool challenges
  • to address your real homeschool kids
  • & to acknowledge your homeschool mama in your homeschool, you!

The five strategies…

Know Your Why

Find Your Vision

  • Have a vision.
  • Change your vision.
  • Recognize your child’s vision.
  • Adjust your vision again.

Know Yourself

  • What’s your unique purpose?
  • Who are you anyway?
  • Unschool Yourself
  • Find Fun, Alone Time, and Learning for You

Build on the Charms

Accept the Challenges

Call to Adventure by Kevin MacLeod