Homeschool Mama Book Club – Inspiration & Thoughts Inform Our Homeschools

Introducing the Homeschool Mama Book Club…

…how our favourite authors inform our homeschools.

If you want a homeschool mama book club where you can show up with other homeschool mamas who want to show up on purpose in their homeschools & lives, then this is the book club for you.

Are you craving a space where homeschool mamas come together to intentionally shape their homeschool journeys? Look no further, because the Homeschool Mama Book Club: here to ignite your inspiration!

Join us in discovering how our favorite authors inform our homeschools and empower us to show up with purpose in both our homeschools and our lives. If you’re a homeschool mama who wants to make intentional choices and foster community, this book club was designed with you in mind.

Want to learn more about the Homeschool Mama Book Club?

Who are Your Homeschool Influencers?

The greatest influencer is YOU!

What you allow yourself to think influences how you feel which influences how you act and engage in your homeschool.

And I know you want to SHOW UP in your homeschool intentionally.

We have to be intentional about who influences us in our homeschool…

Homeschool mama, be conscious of your homeschool influencers.

💡 The Power of Influencers – You Are the Greatest One

Influence starts with you. Your thoughts shape your emotions, actions, and engagement in your homeschool. If you’re yearning to be intentional in your homeschool life, it’s essential to be mindful of who influences your journey.

I read a lot (I know so many of us homeschool mamas do!)

I have read a bajillion readalouds, and I continue to read with my thirteen-year-old son (the oldest three girls are all grown up), but I read books from the homeschool world, books about self-development, and books about people and stories, just for fun!

📖 A Bookworm’s Paradise

Are you an avid reader? So am I! From homeschool-focused literature to self-development books, our reading list spans a wide spectrum. Whether you’re reading ahead or catching up, our discussions will leave you enriched and engaged.

🌟 Join monthly to engage in book club discussions with important influencers that can shift how we show up in our homeschools.

The books we read together help us show up on purpose in our homeschools.

Read the book in advance, or don’t.

(If you don’t have time, don’t worry, because I will be reading the book for sure!)

🗣️ Join the Conversation

Participate in authentic, heart-to-heart conversations that nurture your sense of community and connection. Homeschool Mama Book Club is a safe haven for genuine, compassionate homeschool mamas who are eager to make a difference in their own lives and extend that support to others.

Engage in authentic, vulnerable conversations that enable your community & connection.

Because we’re building a community of authentic, kindhearted, real homeschool mamas who want to show up for our homeschools and offer a community for others like us too.

🌻 Let’s Shape Our Homeschools Together

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your homeschool journey? Join us at the Homeschool Mama Book Club and embrace the opportunity to connect, grow, and infuse intentionality into your homeschooling. Together, we’re crafting a community that celebrates authenticity and wholeheartedness.

🔗 Discover Your Homeschool Influencers – It Starts Here

Ready to embark on a journey of literary exploration and intentional growth? Dive into the Homeschool Mama Book Club and discover the authors, stories, and conversations that will shape your homeschool journey in meaningful ways.

Join us in redefining what it means to be a homeschool mama – with purpose, connection, and a passion for learning.

The 2023-2024 Homeschool Book Club offerings...
The 2023-2024 Homeschool Book Club offerings…

Books We’ve Discussed…

What Homeschool Mamas are saying…

“It was like going on a retreat in the comfort of my home! I loved the way you phrased so well what I have been feeling as a HS Mom, such as “homeschool is messy,” and “ homeschool burnout is not selective.” You really make me feel understood and validated. I felt like you sympathize with our plight and cheered us on (Go HS Moms, get the laundry, have the kids do the dishes, Go team!) You even seem to understand my love of dark chocolate, and lack of shower days (you don’t have spy cameras over here, I hope). 😏”

Kristina, Homeschool Mom

From an exhausted homeschool mama…

I found myself completely, utterly, depleted; I had returned from my first mental health unit stay and was surrounded by 7 children, 4-17 who needed me. I realized how I desperately needed to care for myself as well as I care for my children. And I didn’t know where they began and I ended.

Suffice it to say, I had virtually no boundaries and in addition, had a very idealized version in my head of what my homeschool SHOULD look like.

When I was offered a review copy of Teresa Wiedrick’s book I jumped at it. First, the author is HILARIOUS! She covers so much from looking into the “Whys” of homeschooling, managing our many diverse emotions, and caring for our bodies, and minds, also to being mindful of things we might otherwise not notice. Teresa offers a plethora of ideas for having fun; alone and with kids alike. She shared the value of community and of being organized. Overall, I think this book is fantastic and that any homeschool mom could benefit from.

Becca, Homeschool Mama of 7

Frequently Asked Questions about the Homeschool Mama Book Club…

When will I see the Book Club Zoom link in my email?

You’ll see the zoom link in your email on the morning of the Book Club. (Make sure your email provider hasn’t thrown it into Junk Mail.)

Where can I purchase the book?

Your favourite local bookshop presently.

(Or on my Homeschool Mama Book Club Book Shop).

Where do I find your book?

On Amazon, unless you live where I live, then it’s at my local bookstore too.

PS my book is called Homeschool Mama Self-Care: Nurturing the Nurturer.

Does this Book Club cost?

The nominal Book Club purchase enables the Zoom group platform.

(Oh, and it costs you time. You’ll have to find a quiet hour and a half away from your kids and responsibilities to spend time on YOU!)

Do you have a recommended Homeschool Mama Reading List?

Why, yes I do! But FYI, it’s always expanding. You can find it here.

How long is the Book Club?

Usually about an hour and a half.

Can I ask questions about the book and its applications to my homeschool?

Absolutely! I’ll share my insights from the book and how they apply to our homeschools, but the best part of this book club? Sharing with other homeschool mamas our thoughts and learning from each other.

If you have thoughts, insights, or questions, we will all benefit from them.

How can I connect with others at the Book Club?

You are most welcome to join our monthly Support Chatsgroup coaching (for Overcoming Overwhelm, Building Boundaries, or Deschooling), or connect with me one-on-one for coaching.

Want to connect with me directly?

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions (I waive the fee on our initial meeting).

Do you want to address your challenges around overwhelm, big emotions, boundaries, deschooling, and anything that might keep you from showing up on purpose in your homeschool (& life)?

Connect with me here.

Teresa Wiedrick

I help overwhelmed homeschool mamas shed what’s not working in their homeschool & life, so they can show up authentically, purposefully, and confidently in their homeschool & life.