Get Help with your 2023 New Homeschool Year Planning

I hope you have had a happy week of holiday hibernation with your homeschool family.

If you’re like me, you want to reenvision your upcoming homeschool year, and now is the time to do that.

Every year at this time I work through a journalling process to assess my past year & plan for my next year. 

2023 homeschool planning with a homeschool life coach

You are invited to a time set aside for 2023 homeschool planning.

In the 2023 homeschool planning class, I use the questions at the back of the book, Not So Big Life by Sarah Susanka (the book is on my personal growth reading list).

(Also I had the privilege of interviewing her on season 1 of my podcast, Homeschool Mama Self-Care, my favourite interview EVER!)

This journalling process coincided with my mid-winter homeschool assessment.

(In the early years I didn’t do this, who had the time??) 

Until I realized it helped me determine if my present approach was working for me and my kids. 

Because…ya knowSlump Month is coming. 

Slump Month…

…the Slump Month.

So I do a midwinter evaluation. 

And I’m offering you a guided opportunity to do this too

It’ll be an hour and a half of assessing our homeschools with journal questions in a group discussion of homeschool moms who want to show up on purpose in their homeschools.

Bring your favourite New Year’s drink. Cause it’ll also be a lotta fun.

We’ll do this…
  • discover what DID work
  • what DIDN’T work
  • consider who our kids actually are and if our homeschool is working for them
  • consider who WE actually are and whether our homeschool is working for us
  • and determine and craft a plan for our path for the next semester 
We’ll talk about…
  • WHY you’re homeschooling
  • your homeschool goals
  • why the WHY of your homeschool affects HOW you homeschool.
  • we’ll talk about living your homeschool life on purpose
  • we’ll talk about facilitating your kids’ purpose
  • finding your vision
  • reimagining your vision
  • why and HOW you need to include YOU in your homeschool
  • how to unschool YOU, find fun, alone time, and learning just for you
  • we’ll talk about building on the charms of your homeschool
  • …and how to accept the challenges (& what to do with the challenges)
Let’s do this!


Teresa, your Homeschool Life Coach

ps come in casual wear, cause I’ll still be wearing my new yoga pants and hoodie, thank you Santa! 

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