Crafting a Simple Homeschool Vision Statement with Your Family Values

Homeschooling often begins with dreams of freedom: I know it did for my family.

But reality often meets unexpected challenges. Moments of doubt and weariness cast shadows on our initial vision.

If you’ve experienced this struggle, let me help you get back to your freedom by clarifying your intention. Let’s create a homeschool vision statement that can guide you out of chaos and bring you back to the heart of homeschool freedom.

A special message for 1st Year Homeschool Moms…

Three questions to ask when considering if you should craft a homeschool vision statement…

Question 1:

Have you ever found yourself straying from your initial homeschooling dreams due to unexpected challenges and doubts? How could a clear vision statement help you reconnect with your original intentions?

Question 2:

Consider the moments of frustration you’ve faced in your homeschooling journey – trying to maintain a “private school at home,” striving for a spotless house or dealing with conflicts. How might a well-defined homeschool vision statement alleviate these challenges and guide your decisions?

Question 3:

Reflect on your family values and the freedom you envision for your homeschooling lifestyle. How could crafting a concise vision statement, act as a “Google Maps” for your family, providing direction and focus to navigate the terrain of homeschooling challenges while staying true to your values?

There were seasons of homeschooling that weren’t easy, they weren’t freedom-filled, and I got really REALLY tired of the homeschool thing.

These things didn’t help…

Do you relate?

I recall being challenged to create a vision statement at a homeschool conference that I attended in my early homeschool years. 

Naturally, I thought that was wayyyy too much time. I didn’t have extra time to create something like that.

I remember writing one out of jest with the kids, and this is what they came up with:

“We, the Wiedrick siblings, in order to form a more healthy relationship and have a happier home, do solemnly intend to do the following: help a sibling out, take turns and share, never borrow anything without asking first, return borrowed items promptly in the same condition they started in, respect each other’s privacy, always knock before entering each others’ rooms, give each other space when friends are over. No spying or tagging along, try to talk out problems and solve disagreements, listen to each other side without interrupting, take responsibility instead of blaming each other, treat each other with kindness, respect, and forgiveness.”

Of course, this was pinned to the fridge and added to our kitchen décor, but not seriously considered after that.

It would be years later that I’d recognize the value of a vision statement. The vision statement I would create became the Google Maps of our homeschool.

  • How much time would it take to get to a specific location? The vision statement would tell me.
  • How many rights and lefts would we have to take to get to that location? The vision statement dictated that.
  • What terrain would we overcome to get to that location? The vision statement didn’t direct me there, it just kept me on course.

homeschool vision statement
Ask the kids to create your homeschool vision statement too!

One of the largest vision words I envisioned for my kids: freedom.

So I’d compare that “freedom value” to what I was actually doing in my homeschool life.

  • Was it freedom that equipped me to keep an 8:00 to 3:30 schedule?
  • Was it freedom that required me to check off every tick box on the Sonlight prepackaged curriculum?
  • And was it freedom that compelled me to keep my home pristine?
  • Was it freedom that fueled my approach to kid conflict and complaining?

NOPE, nope, nope, and nope.

Clarifying my values, whether they were personal values, family values determined alongside my husband, or home education values, helped me hone what my daily activities were.

That vision statement also helped me clarify whether what I was doing in my homeschool life really belonged.

Of course, clarifying my values helped me know whether this homeschool thing was really accomplishing what I had deeply hoped: freedom.

When I leaned into freedom, {$name}, I discovered that yes indeed, this homeschool lifestyle most certainly brought us all freedom when I got out of our way and let ourselves lean into it!

And that’s why knowing the WHY behind your homeschool choice, knowing your vision and your values, is necessary.

Clarifying our vision and our values can become the Google Maps of our homeschool life.

ps Do you have a Google map for clarifying your vision and values in your homeschool life? Let me know in the comments below.

In the dynamic journey of homeschooling, we’ve uncovered that real freedom blooms from a clear vision and steadfast values.

Let your vision statement be your guiding compass, and your values the constant North Star.

Embrace the mess, navigate conflicts, and cherish the unique path you’re carving. Here’s to a homeschooling life of purpose, connection, and boundless freedom.

photo of family having fun with soccer ball: homeschool vision statement

Step 1: Reflect on Your Homeschooling Journey and Challenges

Begin by reflecting on your homeschooling journey so far.

Think about the initial dreams and vision you had when you began homeschooling, and then consider the challenges and obstacles you’ve faced along the way.

Acknowledge any moments or themes that deviated from your original vision.

This reflection will provide the context for crafting a new vision statement.

Step 2: Identify Your Family Values

Determine your values for your family.

Then gather your family together and have an open conversation about your core family values you desire in your homeschooling journey.

Discuss the aspects of education, lifestyle, and relationships that matter most to each family member.

Be honest about what hasn’t worked in the past and what aligns with your values. Use this discussion to clarify the values that should be the foundation of your homeschooling vision.

Step 3: Craft Your Homeschool Vision Statement

Based on your reflections and the values you’ve identified, work together to create a homeschool vision statement.

This statement should be a concise and inspiring declaration of your collective aspirations for your homeschooling journey.

It could encompass your desired educational approach, family dynamics, personal growth, and the goals you aim to achieve.

Make sure the vision statement resonates with every family member and encapsulates the essence of your homeschooling goals.

Your statement could come in the form of a word, or a few words: like mine, freedom. The simpler it is, the easier it is to assess if your values are aligning with your vision.

*Remember that your homeschool vision statement will evolve over time. Regularly revisit and adjust it as needed to stay aligned with your family’s values and aspirations.

By following these steps, you can create a homeschool vision statement that serves as your guiding compass, helping you navigate challenges, make decisions, and bring your homeschooling journey back to the heart of your family’s values.

photo of mother talking to her son: creating a homeschool vision statement

These are a few examples of homeschool vision statements:

1: “Nurturing Curiosity, Embracing Flexibility, Cultivating Character, and Fostering Lifelong Learners.”

2: “Guided by Love, Ignited by Exploration, Shaping Inquisitive Minds for a Bright Future.”

3: “Creating a Home of Learning, Where Individuality Thrives and Knowledge Knows No Bounds.”

4: “Fostering Growth Through Shared Discovery, Tailoring Education to Our Values and Children’s Needs.”

5: “Empowering Critical Thinkers, Building Strong Character, and Uniting Family in Educational Adventure.”

6: “Cultivating a Joyful Learning Journey, Where Respect, Curiosity, and Creativity Blossom.”

Remember, your homeschool vision statement should reflect your family’s unique values, aspirations, and educational philosophy. It’s a personal declaration that will guide your homeschooling journey and help you make decisions aligned with your goals.

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