Homeschool Year-End Review

Every year I finish the homeschool year kinda lackluster.

And you know what? I’m good with that.

I recognize it for what it is: a season.

(In this post, you’ll discover my approach to addressing the year-end: a Homeschool Year-End Review).

One Week to Clarity is part of the Homeschool Year-End Review

Because, seriously, what are the chances I’m gonna love every dang minute of this homeschool thing?

And when else would I feel homeschool fatigue?

At the end of the homeschool year!

(Oh, and February, cause ya know: slump month…Oh, and usually about year two or three of our homeschool journey when I need to have a giant shift from “how I thought homeschool would be” to “how homeschool actually is”…And also at the end of April/beginning of May EVERY year. Anywho, I digress…)

By the end of May, I usually close the homeschool room door & don’t return till early July.

  • I let stuff sit.
  • I close up the books.
  • I close up the planner.
  • And I just shift into a season of being outdoors.

And you know what?

We all need it after that point.

A chance to recollect our ideas about last year, check what works, check what didn’t, and springboard into the new year with ideas that did work and new ideas I want to include.

If you’re there and want to springboard, join me at the Homeschool Year-End Review.

Enjoy a relaxing Homeschool Year-End Review with Teresa Wiedrick, the Homeschool Life Coach

Are you wrapping up your homeschool year?

It’s the time of year we assess our past homeschool year (& use that as a brainstorming tool to imagine our upcoming homeschool year).

I invite you to a year-end assessment.

We’ll do this together in the Homeschool Year-End Review…

Assess & clarify our homeschools, the intention of our homeschools & the practical activities in our homeschools…

…so they can become more of what we want our homeschool life to be.

What we’ll do…

A year-end homeschool assessment:
  • to align your actual activities with your homeschool vision
  • to assess your homeschool curriculum, if you want to do all the things, but you need to focus on a few for an easy, fun routine
  • to assess your homeschool routine
  • to help those entering kindergarten and have no idea where to start
  • to help those entering high school and are at a loss in making curriculum choices
  • to assess your homeschool philosophy (& ask if it’s working for you?)
  • to simplify your homeschool
  • to tackle your real homeschool challenges & create an attack plan
  • to encourage you to show up on purpose in your homeschool (& life)
  • to address your real homeschool kids, so you can create an individualized home education
  • to encourage you to keep on going in your homeschool (& life)
Bring your journals and a pen, without the kids.
  • You’ll receive personal feedback and the Journaling Workbook for you to consider afterward.

Homeschool Year-End Review with Teresa Wiedrick, the Homeschool Life Coach

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