Homeschool Year End Review 2023: Celebrating Success & Growth

Every year I finish the homeschool year kinda lackluster. And you know what? I’m good with that. I recognize it for what it is: a season.

Because, seriously, what are the chances I’m gonna love every dang minute of this homeschool thing?

And when else would I feel homeschool fatigue? At the end of the homeschool year! (Oh, and February, cause ya know: slump month…Oh, and usually about year two or three of our homeschool journey when I need to have a giant shift from “how I thought homeschool would be” to “how homeschool actually is”…Anywho, I digress…)

In this post, you’ll discover my approach to addressing the year-end: a Homeschool Year End Review.

Join me for a Homeschool Year End Review.

If we do a homeschool year end review now, then I don’t have to come back to it in July. I can sit by my watering hole of choice and not think about homeschool planning.

By the end of May, I usually close the homeschool room door & don’t return till early July.

  • I let stuff sit.
  • I close up the books.
  • I close up the planner.
  • And I just shift into a season of being outdoors.
And you know what? We all need it after that point.

A chance to recollect our ideas about last year, check what works, check what didn’t, and springboard into the new year with ideas that did work and new ideas I want to include.

If you’re there and want to springboard, join me at the Homeschool Year-End Review.

Enjoy a relaxing Homeschool Year-End Review with Teresa Wiedrick, the Homeschool Life Coach

Are you wrapping up your homeschool year?

Even in my most traditional homeschool years, I’ve always wrapped things up by the end of May. 

Typically at the beginning of June, I brought the kids outside to sit, draw, read some poetry, write some poetry, narrate a Shakespeare play, learn Latin names for native plants, learn the name of cloud formations, and identify animal scat (AKA harnessing my inner Charlotte Mason, although I don’t think she ever mentions animal scat, ha).

It’s also the time of year I assessed my past homeschool year (& used that as a brainstorming tool to imagine my upcoming homeschool year: it was fresh on my mind!)

That’s why I created a year end review for you: a group coaching opportunity…if you want to do your homeschool (& your life) on purpose, then you need regular breaks from doing the same-ole same-ole and check how it’s working for you & your kids (or if it’s not).
We’ll chat about…
  • What did work for you this year?
  • And what didn’t?
  • What worked for each of your kids? 
  • And what didn’t?
  • What did you learn about your kids?
  • What did you learn about yourself? How are you addressing that?
  • How do you record or acknowledge each year, all the learning opportunities, the growth you’ve seen in your kids, all the books they’ve read, and the things they’ve done?
  • Do you create a portfolio & do you know how to do this? 
  • Do you create a downloadable picture book & do you know how?
  • What were the hard moments this past year: the ones you don’t want to repeat next year? (And how are you going to address it next year?)
  • Did you have vision words for your past homeschool year? What are they for next year?
  • How did you use your resources, time, and skills this past year?
  • How have you contributed to the world? And how do you want to?
We’re also going to chat about all these things, and so much more…

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative energy of what’s not working and reactively engage it. No action plan. No plan to deal with that unhelpful energy.

It’s easy to put everything away and not want to think about it until…summer! When you should be enjoying every last ounce of sunshine at your local watering hole.

Or you can spend time with me (& other homeschool moms) determining what benefited you this past year, assessing ALL the elements, and determining what you want to keep for next year, and what you want to explore or DO next year. 

We can create an action plan to reimagine & recreate your upcoming homeschool year.

Everyone who attends the Year End Assessment will receive a recorded copy of the event and a FREE download of the Reimagine Your Homeschool Journaling Workbook. 

I can’t wait to see you there!

ps If you just want to use the Reimagine your Homeschool Journaling Workbook, you can find that here.

pss If you’re part of the Patreon Support Group, remember that you have a coupon discount to use!

What we’ll do…

A year-end homeschool assessment:
  • to align your actual activities with your homeschool vision
  • to assess your homeschool curriculum, if you want to do all the things, but you need to focus on a few for an easy, fun routine
  • to assess your homeschool routine
  • to help those entering kindergarten and have no idea where to start
  • to help those entering high school and are at a loss in making curriculum choices
  • to assess your homeschool philosophy (& ask if it’s working for you?)
  • to simplify your homeschool
  • to tackle your real homeschool challenges & create an attack plan
  • to encourage you to show up on purpose in your homeschool (& life)
  • to address your real homeschool kids, so you can create an individualized home education
  • to encourage you to keep on going in your homeschool (& life)
Bring your journals and a pen, without the kids.
  • You’ll receive personal feedback and the Journaling Workbook for you to consider afterward.

homeschool year end review

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the Intensive Zoom link?

In your email inbox the morning of our time together.  (Make sure your email provider hasn’t thrown it into Junk Mail).

How do I interact with the participants in the Intensive?

You can join the Patreon community for our monthly support chats or join the Homeschool Mama Book Clubs too.

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