Deschooling and Life Purpose: Is there a connection?

What if stepping off the conventional path toward homeschooling, then stepping off the conventional homeschool path too, could open our eyes and our heart, to see our life in a much more expansive way?

Is there a connection between deschooling and life purpose?

Watch the video below to see how I connect the dots between deschooling and life purpose. 

The connection between deschooling your homeschool and building a stronger life purpose

Say whaaa? Deschooling could bring more freedom and life purpose too?

It has for me. And I’ve rubbed shoulders with so many homeschool families who have had that experience too.

We’re letting go of what’s not working (for us and our kids) and moving toward what IS. 

When we step away from systems, like an education system that expects us to show up at certain times, and do particular things because the education system deems it valuable, we have more time to live our lives more purposefully.

When the education system directs our time, money, and attention to things that may or may not feel valuable, and we leave the education system, we experience less clutter in our days and we have more open space to do the things that most matter to us.

Delete the unimportant, and dd in the more important.

We’re not only defining and claiming what we believe to be an education for our kids (and confidently owning our choices), but we’re creating space, energy, and resources to build a life on purpose.

deschooling and life purpose: what is the connection?

Imagine if…
  • You felt confident in your homeschool choice.
  • You didn’t default to feeling not good enough.
  • Your family life (& your personal life) felt more purposeful.
  • You felt freer.
  • Your homeschool worked for you & your kids.
  • Your schedule could be defined by your family’s rhythm.
  • Your activities could be guided by the people that are within your homeschool.
  • You saw learning opportunities everywhere.
  • You saw your homeschool intention beyond a philosophy or a curriculum.
  • You could move with the flow of seasons in your family life.
  • You could purchase and use curriculum or resources wisely.
  • You were able to fuel and facilitate your child’s natural interests.
  • You could enable a learning process that was useful for the specific children in front of you, not an “ideal homeschool child”.
  • You were clear on the answer to “what an education is anyway”.
  • You could see the connection between curiosity, play, and a real education.
  • You understood that all of life was a learning journey and we’ll all be on it all the time and we only need to be clear on what our kids need today.

So what is the connection between deschooling and life purpose? You can reimagine your homeschool life!



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