How to Address Your Big Emotions with Christine Dixon

Christine Dixon worked as an Educational Therapist for over 20 years and is now a MindBody Coach who focuses on Self-Compassion, Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, and other Inner Wisdom Tools to help people heal themselves from the inside out.

Presently, Christine Dixon works one-on-one with clients and also leads weekly support groups in Internal Family Systems. She offers free monthly online workshops and book discussions and can be found at and on Instagram at the_ordinary_sacred.

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Ask yourself, “What emotion am I feeling?” Sometimes the feeling just wants to be seen.

Christine Dixon, MindBody Coach at the Ordinary Sacred

Christine Dixon’s advice for homeschool parents:

  • When your child has a lot of emotions, get curious about what their need is underneath.
  • Turn self-compassion toward yourself first, before you address your child’s intense emotions.
  • Befriend the internal protectors of your emotions and learn from how they enable coping but disable thriving.
  • Drop into curiosity when you see your child getting intense in their emotions.
  • Give yourself grace: do a little bit of this emotional regulation/internal work at a time.
  • Practice seeing your emotions in a moment each day when you’re not in the triggered moments.

When we become our own primary caregiver, we set other people free. We begin to take care of ourselves in a responsible way so we’re not so needy and depenedent on other people.

Christine Dixon, MindBody Coach at the Ordinary Sacred

You can find Christine online at:

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