Nurture Resilience & Big Emotions with Lindsey Casselman of Schoolio Learning

Lindsey Casselman is a veteran homeschooling parent and certified teacher in Ontario. She heads up curriculum and content design for the education company she co-founded, Schoolio Learning.

She spends her free time coaching her daughter’s riding lessons, organizing field trips and events for her local homeschool community, and managing the family hobby farm and apiary.

Let’s chat with Lindsey Casselman of Schoolio Learning about socio-emotional learning in our homeschool families.

Lindsey Casselman of Schoolio Learning and I discuss conflict resolution, big emotions, learnig to read, self-compassion and self-regulation.

How can homeschooling parents enhance socio-emotional learning in their families? Join Lindsey Casselman of Schoolio Learning as we delve into self-compassion, resilience, and more in this thought-provoking podcast episode.

Knowing yourself, knowing your strengths & weaknesses, celebrate your strengths, developing your weaknesses, your relationships with yourself and your relationship with others all ties into one another.

Lindsey Casselman, Co-Founder of Schoolio Learning

Specifically, we discuss…

  • How to address our big emotions when our child isn’t comfortably learning to read.
  • Implementing self-compassion in our homeschools, for mom and kids.
  • Learning screen self-regulation, learning how our relationships to self relate to ourselves and our relationships with others.
  • How to teach resilience, conflict resolution, understanding what boundaries are, and how to use them.
  • We can teach them conflict resolution skills, help them listen to each other, reflect back on what each other has said, and then search for a compromise or learn how to respect each other.
  • The rise of anxiety, mental health issues, and suicide and how we can help our kids.

Tools you can use in your homeschool…

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