how to embrace our homeschool summer days

Mid-summer, I’m less concerned about a clean floor, despite little feet sloshing through sprinkled grass, flowerbeds, and then the kitchen? After a busy homeschool year, I am finally slowing down.

Who wants to wash up the breakfast dishes when they can be stacked, along with lunch dishes, snack dishes, and lemonade pitchers until after dinner? My miniature Venus fly trap will take care of my seasonal kitchen companions, the fruit flies.

These are the homeschool summer days.

I would rather spend another hour…

  • leisurely watering the pumpkins, the potted tomatoes, and my dirty feet
  • pulling peas and raspberries
  • making batches of tropical Jello…not cause I like jello, but because my four-year-old wants to cook

The older kiddos would rather…

  • make their own raspberry, apricot, and strawberry jam.
  • make their own ice cream: crushing strawberries, adding spoonfuls of coconut milk, thickly shredded coconut, and loads and loads of cream.

girl eating sliced watermelon fruit beside table: homeschool summer days

My goal? To be present to all the sights and flavours of the summer season.

So we…

  • preserve, cook, bake & make more dirty dishes
  • run & frolick outdoors, enjoying all our outdoor activity equipment
  • find a watering hole, pull out the swim gear, snacks, and my summer read

Also, my goal is to leisurely read on the river with my feet tucked in the cool river water, soaking up some sun, and reminding myself why this homeschool life is so charmed.

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