do you know how to take a summer break?

Why is it I’m in the thick of a sizzling summer, lakes surrounding our community, beaches minutes away, waterparks in abundance, but I still want to do homeschool readalouds?

When, instead, we could spend our days leisurely playing at a watering hole.

Should I homeschool throughout summer?

should I homeschool throughout summer

Should I homeschool throughout the summer, year-round?

Do I feel anxiety when the neighbours ask, “What curriculum do you use? How do the kids learn everything they need to if you’re not pursuing the government’s curriculum?”

I’ll have a ready answer: “We’re still doing studies!”

Or is it because I just like books?

Still, the girls and their friends found a science project right under their noses (or under their feet).

Tiptoeing across the docks toward the marsh, they saw creatures wiggle in the water. They captured a half dozen black tadpoles. An interested bystander caught a full-grown toad.

They were already familiar with the life cycle: the tadpole will become a full-grown toad.

So why not capture a few in an about-to-be-recycled water bottle and bring them home? Google info about the growing tadpoles and discover that if you boil spinach and cut it into little bits and the tadpoles will happily grow into full-size toads right on my kitchen counter (next to the basket of bananas).

I’d say this qualifies as a full-grown science project.

I’d say this qualifies as learning.

And all without a book. All without my prompting.

Learning independently and learning continues throughout the summer, all at the beach.

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