How to Enable a Homeschool Gratitude Practice

When we first begin our homeschools, we’re filled with anticipation and excitement.

We are filled with homeschool gratitude.

There are so many possibilities to be grateful.

  • We can spend our days doing whatever we want, we can get the teapot out and draw the morning away while we read a little poetry by Shel Silverstein.
  • We can spend our afternoons playing ball games on the trampoline.
  • Or we can head to the nature center and learn about why different beaks are shaped the way they are to accommodate the different food choices that different birds eat.
  • We can create a private school in our homes, or we can let our children learn as they please.

When the shine fades, when we realize that we are responsible for our kids’ educations, we’re responsible to attend to all our children’s needs, and that responsibility doesn’t stop for a week off, we might become unaware that we have much to be grateful for.

Create a gratitude practice because…

  • Gratitude connects us more closely to the people we love. Those we love also sense we’re thankful for them.
  • Gratitude makes us realize what we have.
  • Gratitude enables us to be more content with the belongings we already have, thereby spending less on unnecessary things.
  • Gratitude helps us compare less because we are just so thankful for our life.
  • Gratitude reminds us of the happy memories we have and what a charmed homeschool life we have.

Practical tips to practice gratitude…

  • in your journal every morning
  • at the dinner table with the kids
  • before bed as you tuck in your kids or say g’night to your partner
  • create photo scrapbooks and remember why you have an amazing life
  • create photo books to remember the amazing memories
  • create homeschool portfolios at the end of year to remember all the cool stuff you did
  • create an Instagram account to showcase the beauty of the life you have

Here’s how to do daily gratitude…

  • Just write.
  • Three things.
  • That you’re grateful for.
  • Every morning. Or evening. Or in the afternoon. But just once a day.

It’s just that simple.

ps I was published on the How to Homeschool your Child website and I think you’ll be encouraged by the topic: More is Caught than Taught: How our Kids Naturally Learn Gratitude

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