How to Handle Homeschool Overwhelm

How to handle overwhelm in your homeschool? First, consider where you are at in your own happiness.

Then consider where you are at in your own place of peacefully existing with other people.

We usually project onto other people what we most want. And the working out of that can propel us to greater contentment for our entire family.

how to handle homeschool overwhelm

So how to address overwhelm in our homeschools?

Here are 19 Tips for handling overwhelm:

But you know what else we need to do?

Accept that overwhelm is part of the human experience.

Human beings feel overwhelmed at times.

Especially moms, because we’re trying to do all the things and trying to nurture the kids too. Even more so, especially homeschool moms, because we’re trying to do all the things plus more things that most homeschool moms would dare take on.

If you’ve tried every one of the above nineteen tips and you’re still overwhelmed, then I’ve got a tip for you: talk to someone.

You don’t have to carry these challenges alone.

You can talk with me one-on-one or you can connect with BetterHelp and speak to a therapist.

But you want to figure this out for you and your kids.

It’s time to ask someone to help you.

Sometimes the homeschool mom life can breed codependence & enmeshment: our children’s struggles are always their struggles, not ultimately our struggles.

Teresa Wiedrick

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