How to Homeschool & Find Your Thing with Julie Bogart

Julie Bogart draws from her work with tens of thousands of homeschool families over the last twenty years, and her own homeschool journey to enrich the homeschool and parenting experience.

She is also the author of the best-selling book The Brave Learner and host of the popular podcast “A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief.”

Julie Bogart

“One of the dangers of being the kind of person who is attracted to homeschooling, is that you’re clearly a person who is willing to serve others and who gets a lot of joy in watching other people thrive, and the danger is to put your focus on those children, to locate your joy in their performance or in their success.”

Julie Bogart

Julie’s advice for new homeschoolers

  • Use the properties of home to guide the learning process.
  • If you yield the properties of your home, you will flourish.
  • If you fight the properties of home, you likely lose learning.
  • Remember that homeschooling is your big project, it’s not your kids. Your kids are just living in your house. They’re sort of constrained to whatever you decide for them. So they’re not seeing homeschooling as the risk-taking adventure you have. They say I live here, I see these four walls so many times. Keeping yourself engaged on their behalf is a valid reason.
  • Whenever you’ve hit that wall of discouragement, just know that everyone has hit that wall, and we are all problem-solving it together. And it is possible to overcome. There is no problem that is too great to be overcome in homeschooling.
  • The way to have a stable life as a homeschooler is to not locate your joy and success in your homeschooled kids. Parents should pursue their own interests in their homeschool. YOU need to have a passion. What animates you in your homeschool days?

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